best photo editor for mac

Photoshop is a widely known photo editor for Mac, but it isn’t the only option available in the market. It is not very user-friendly and for novice users this software can become no more than a nightmare. There are other amazing, power-packed photo editing software available if you you’re having difficulty in using Adobe Photoshop.

All the programs in this list are aimed to be powerful for new users. Therefore, they were judged on various criteria, depending fundamentally on the program’s objective and the type of photographer it will appeal to.


1. Luminar

This program’s interface is simple, clean, and easy to understand. You may choose pre-installed filters or create your very own customized workspaces with Luminar. It offers a large inventory of tools, filters and presets to work with that can also be manually tweaked if needed. There are loads of tutorials on the website that can help beginners with any query they have.

luminar for mac

The best thing about Luminar that puts it on our list is the fact that is geared towards both novice and advanced users alike. So even if you are a beginner at photo editing, you can grow with the software rather than have to invest in something else a few years down the line.

2. Fotor Photo Editor

Usually, free editing programs cater for most basic needs but lack advanced controls and are only available through purchasing. Fotor Photo Editor is a unique software available for Mac in this regard, as it has the perfect blend of basic and advanced editing options for a free product.

Essentially, Fotor is a photo enhancer and its tools aid you in altering the parameters of any given image. That includes the brightness, color levels, rotation, size, vignettes and so on. If you’re still not convinced then you can also digitally slim your friends or even remove wrinkles on someone’s face.

The app is free of cost but certain useful features need a paid subscription to Fotor Pro. These features include blush, smoothing, reshape, a lot of filters and various special effects. However, as mentioned earlier, you don’t need to pay up to use the software for most types of quick photo editing needs.

3. Google Photos

This editor is a smooth tool aimed for simple and clean editing. As it happens with many things Google, most Google Photos features are browser-based. You can automatically add files to your Google Photos library via uploader apps for macOS/iOS. Besides that, all other things happen online.

Like Apple’s Photos app, the editing can be done easily in the browser. You may select from tools that allow you to adjust lighting and add color filters, and you can also rotate or crop your images. No tools are included for adjusting blemishes, but for filtering and color adjustments Google Photos is pretty nifty and requires nothing but an internet connection.

4. Preview and Photos

The free photo viewer and editor included with macOS shouldn’t be overlooked. The pair is as well designed as any software created by Apple. You may have overlooked it but Preview isn’t only a photo-viewer. You’ll see various tools you may use to edit your image upon clicking the mark-up icon. There are multiple options to adjust color and size of the picture as well.

The Photos app also contains more than a few useful tools. You can fiddle with automatic enhancement, which optimizes the best settings for your photos. You can also remove minor blotches and red-eye or apply special effects and filters that help adjust color parameters. You can easily adjust the exposure, contrast, white balance, and saturation of your photos as well.


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