portrait retouching

There is nothing worse than an otherwise perfect selfie ruined by a pesky little pimple or bad lighting. But while it would have taken a considerable amount of time and energy to erase unwanted nuisances from images in the past, it is only a matter of clicks nowadays thanks to the digital age. There are several photo-retouching software that you can use to recreate your look and make everyone wonder how come you always manage to look so effortlessly flawless.
With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best photo retouching software to help you fix all your self portraits.


MacPhun’s Luminar has some great options for photo retouching. While other software may provide somewhat faster controls, Luminar’s photo retouching options are very in-depth, allowing you to remove everything from wrinkles to even the red blood vessels in the eyes. It also removes unwanted objects from landscape photos with the Clone and Stamp tools so you end up with iconic shots.

The Erase Tool, a lot like the Healing Brush in Photoshop, also eliminates unwanted components from your photograph. When you paint using the Erase tool, Luminar keeps in context the texture, lighting and shadows around the pixels you’ve painted, then balances them. This comes in handy for images that don’t have the same lighting or texture all over the image.

portrait retouching


PortraitPro offers a wide variety of tools for smoothing skin, make-up and lighting effects. You can choose from actual make-up looks to soften and sculpt your face to your liking. It even has the option to keep your retouching natural-looking, so you don’t end up with flat and artificial-looking photos. Not only this, but it offers the option for creating your own custom presets using your own make up tools or favorite skin smoothing settings to achieve the perfect look. With its automatic batch processing you have the ability to edit a whole batch of photos simultaneously.

Nova Development:

Nova Development creates several software, including some top of the line photo retouching ones. One of them is Photo Explosion, which enables you to edit and retouch photos. The various tools aid you in red-eye removal, whitening teeth, smoothening skin and eradicating blemishes. You can also add a natural glow or tan to add a little color to your picture.
Another Nova Development software is Photo Impact, which lets you color correct photos and restore old ones by removing creases and adding brightness in a natural way.


This ingenious photo retouching software from Reallusion helps you turn ordinary selfies to works of art. It includes a full-on cosmetic makeover feature, reshaping facial features and a few basic photo editing settings so that you can achieve the best results possible. You also have the option to place both your untouched and retouched images together so you can actually analyze the amount of editing you have done on a photo.


Movavi provides completely simple and hassle-free editing for those who get overwhelmed by too many options. Movavi lets you be as creative as possible by modifying colors, testing the balance between contrast and brightness, and heightening the retouched photograph in a number of other ways to attain perfect results even if you lack experience in retouching images. There is also an option for editing old scanned images to get rid of unwanted cracks, crinkles and spots by in a few simple steps.

With so many great options available for retouching your selfies before you post them online, you really don’t have any reason to worry about taking bad photos. Use any one of these excellent editors to make your self-portraits look their best.

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