3 Best Photoshop Alternatives that Are Free

Once the Adobe released its best free Photoshop software, it seems like no other editing tool can boast the same functionality. Photoshop has appeared to be a revolutionary instrument for editing photos, creating new styles and changing images in accordance with users’ preferences and tastes. It is a good selection of both amateurs and professional designers.

However, the app today requires paid subscriptions in case you want to benefit from a full set of actions. A free version delivers only basic functions. At the same time, the editor may seem to be a bit too complicated for beginners. Using the tool on Mac is another problem, as it requires additional plugins to use it in full swing.

For this reason, people are looking for free photo editing software for mac like Photoshop. There are some good alternatives available on the web. We have conducted a list of top three substitutions. They include some of the best free software like Photoshop.

GIMP – Great Free Photoshop Alternative

GIMP has proved to be an extremely powerful editing instrument. It delivers almost unlimited opportunities for exposure. Moreover, the program has proved to be increasingly adaptable whether you use Mac or any other OS. The tool is 100% free. A set of features includes:

  • Numerous layers;
  • Extended list of masks;
  • Collections of basic and advanced filters;
  • Color transformations and adjustments.

All the above-mentioned are easily customizable, which makes the program a great choice. It comes along with an array of plugins that do not require additional installation. Download the app and start using all available plugins. The selection of functions takes after some Photoshop features like Liquify, for instance. In addition, users can benefit from full packaged animation kits

Every time you are overwhelmed with the interface and all functions delivered by GIMP, have no worries. The software features a detailed guide and tutorial on how to use every available instrument. You can use a separate filter or have all instruments in one place like in Photoshop. The interface also looks pretty similar to a leading editing program. It will not take you long to understand how GIMP works.

Photo Pos Pro – No Restrictions, Great Design

Give a warm welcome to another Adobe like editing program. It boasts great design and minimum restrictions when it comes to editing photos and images. Although the application is not as popular as its main competitors from the list, it still has some great functions to stand out.

First of all, it is free. Secondly, its developers have created a flexible interface that will suit both novice and dedicated users. All you need is to choose necessary mode according to your skills. If you opt for a novice mode, you can benefit from a one-touch automated editing procedure. It works pretty well and automatically enables necessary filters, sliders and adjustments. Advanced users may get involved in manual image processing.

As well as Photoshop, this program delivers both layer masks and layers. Cleaning and clone brushers will turn into a superb addition. Whether you need to take the advantage of additional templates and frames, feel free to use extra plugins that are preinstalled in this application. It lets you develop your own unique filters as well.

The app sounds like perfect. However, it has some slight pitfalls. The first and foremost is the size of saved files. It is limited by 1,024 x 2,014 pixels. If you want to take the fullest from the editor, you will need to buy a Pro version.

Paint.Net – A Powerful App in Its Own Right

What was launched as a program to replace Microsoft Paint, has eventually grown into a great open-source Adobe alternative. As well as its predecessors in the list of best Photoshop software free substitutions, this one comes with a great variety of instruments including automated features as well as manual editing tools. Although it supports different layers, you may need additional plugins in order to benefit from layer masks. Clone stamp and other functions though are available by default.

If compared with GIMP, this app boasts a more user-friendly interface. It will not take you long to figure out how everything works here. This is mainly due to volunteer coders who make their corrections and modifications to make the app as easy-to-use as possible. The program works really fast, which is also a crucial benefit. Saved images are not limited by size.



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