best photo editing software on PC

With the proliferation of smartphones with good cameras in the archive of each user, there are hundreds and even thousands of different digital photos. However, after reviewing your library on a computer later, it is not always possible to meet sturdy frames, sometimes there is an unsuccessful foreshortening, a blurry background or an additional object. Those users who have long been engaged in photography, recommend using special image editing programs for artistic processing of photographs.

Most often, photo processing programs are professionally really different from beginner software – they support modern formats of digital cameras, have more advanced tools for working with layers and allow you to connect external add-ins. Not all specialized devices have a simple interface, and sometimes to work with them, you need to spend the time to study the functionality. However, there are exceptions. So, let’s compare the capabilities of the most popular applications and find out what photo editors are available for easy photo editing at home, and which ones can be used professionally.

The Movavi Free Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is an easy-to-use program with extensive editing tools that are perfect for any professional picture editing. Thanks to an intuitive interface and available tips, the program you will learn without difficulty. Main features:

  • the overlay of filters, color correction, and photo enhancement;
  • the overlay of textures and effects;
  • quality retouch, virtual make-up;
  • delete objects and replace the background;
  • add inscriptions and watermarks;
  • crop, rotate, highlight and paste, resize;
  • saving in all popular formats and exporting to Facebook.

Photoscape software

The Photoscape – is the software that combines a convenient photo editor, a program for batch processing of images, as well as many other modules. Main features of this editing program:

  • editing with the help of various color correction tools, filters, retouching, auto contrast brightness contrast and others;
  • batch image processing;
  • the ability to create collages and GIF.

It’s worth noting that the color filter settings are not as flexible, but it takes some time to sort out some of the tools. However, Photoscape is a good option for beginners, since it is distributed free of charge.

Pixlr Photo Editor for PC

Pixlr is a paid application for which you must subscribe. Functionality, available in the paid version is quite extensive. Thus, the feature of this editor is higher level editing. Also, it is available only in English, so we advise you to use it when you already have your hand in other, more straightforward programs. Pixlr is a shareware photo editing software. Features:

  • a large number of filters, including black and white;
  • color correction;
  • skin retouch and noise suppression tools;
  • adjustment of vignettes and channel hue saturation.
  • In the editor, there are also standard tools, like cropping and rotating images.

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