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When digital cameras began to appear, the process of editing many photos was entirely entrusted to our home computers. However, the need to change the resulting images seemed not often – what then to do with the finished materials?

But today the story is entirely different: our mobile devices have all acquired many cameras. Emergence and active development of social media and networks dictate the frequent need to share good photos with friends.

In this regard, the user often needs to edit your photos quickly. This can be minor trimming or relatively severe processing with the use of filters and effects, setting levels and other options. Also, the popularity of photo collages is growing, which perfectly fit into social networks and other services that allow you to exchange photos.

Now, most of the required operations with photos allow you to make smartphones, and in this material, we tried to choose the most worthy photo apps for android phones. Such programs find entirely different applications and can be useful in one case, but are useless in the other.

InstaFrame and Pic Collage Maker: create a photo collage quickly and easily

If you need to quickly and with minimal effort make a picture of photos, and you do not want to spend a minute studying the application’s interface, then specialized programs for creating photo collages are ideal for you. They do not have built-in advanced photo editing features but are aimed at the simple and quick creation of tile photos.

It is worth noting that in most full-fledged photo editor apps there is also a function for creating a photo collage.

Pic Collage Maker immediately after the launch offers to choose a template for composing a photo collage and then goes directly to the matter. After selecting the required number of photos, the program opens the minimized editor: here you can configure the filters and even the location and scale of each picture. The settings of the college itself are limited only by choice of the background and the configuration of the frame style.

These shortcomings are devoid of the photo editing app InstaFrame. After the launch, we see a beautiful interface, divided into three tabs: selection of layouts, gallery and ready-made collages. You can proceed to create a college in two ways – you can select the desired format of the tile or select the desired photos. In the first case, pictures are added one by one to each sector of the college, and in the second, the frame format is automatically selected.

Full personal photo editing software

In this category, tools are collected that have the most extensive functionality. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that we are considering the best android apps and not personal computers, so full-fledged editing is called very conditional – for a smartphone, speed and convenience are more important than the ability to professionally process photos and videos.

Before describing each of the applications, we note the standard features that are valid for each photo editing apps. First, all programs have some standard image processing parameters – cropping, applying filters, color and contrast, frames, stickers, etc. Next, we will select only those advanced features that seemed interesting to us in a particular application. Secondly, it is worth saying that all of the programs listed are shareware and if you are not a fan of photo processing.

Photo editor: batch image processing

PhotoEditor is a full-featured photo editor that provides in many ways, even more, functionality than the rest. In addition to such typical functions as special effects, frames, cropping, you can conveniently edit color parameters (in the form of curves), remove noise, make perspective (it will be useful for presentations and other business documents) and much more.

Nevertheless, this program has some unique functions that all other best photo editors do not have. Among them, the option to create a PDF file from pictures and the ability to capture the image of a web page through the built-in browser. But the most interesting to us seemed the possibility of batch image processing.

Cymera: Shooting and managing photos

Cymera is perfect for regular use, especially with portraits. This powerful photo editor in this application pleases with a combination of simplicity and convenience of the interface. It has all the necessary functions for image processing, many of which are specifically designed to work with portraits, for example, “make it slimmer.” In Cymera, you can even do makeup and change your hair.

A friendly interface is accompanied by visual instructions, which positively affects the speed of mastering the specific essential editing tools. Another distinguishing feature of the application is its own best camera, which can be used instead of the standard one. With the built-in camera, you can apply effects even before you take a picture. In the application there is a set of lenses for creating exciting pictures, each lens has its shooting mode.


Aviary is a favorite photo editing app, the engine of which can be seen in many other photo processing applications. This app you can describe the simplicity and ease of the interface, which undoubtedly will not need to understand for a long time. The program does not have its camera and gallery but interacts with those tools that the user specifies. The lack of an exhibit on one side is a disadvantage, but on the other hand, the user can use the simplified gallery application in conjunction with this editor.

Photo Studio

Photo Studio is a very high-quality and full-featured editor with a user-friendly interface for powerful photo editing. He does not stand out for something super original but still has some exciting things in his arsenal. In addition to the vast possibilities of customizing the image itself (levels, saturation, tone, color, etc.), the program contains many filters and effects that will help decorate the photo.

Pixlr Express

The next review participant is the product of a primary developer, Autodesk. This editor has quite a few options, but the main highlight that captivates is the design. Using the program is very convenient, it works smoothly and looks organic. Tools that can apply are collected in tiles by category, which makes it easier to find the right tools. Paid components are missing at all, which is very lovely. Each effect from the menu to the device can free download in play store. And this does not mean that there are not enough options – of course, there are fewer of them than in the market of additions to shareware programs, but everyone can find something that he likes.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photo editing tools are disappointing. In comparison with other programs, there is nothing particularly remarkable here – all the same, typical settings and photo effects. By the way, about half of them are paid, although beautiful. On the other hand, the developers did not in vain put the word “express” in the title, which for itself says that the program is designed for quick basic photo editing, with which Photoshop Express handles correctly.

It is difficult to draw any conclusions regarding the best Android platform applications on this topic. Most of the tools have their original ideas that will suit every individual user. The only thing I want to notice is that image processing is very tightly matched to mobile devices. The competition among developers is continually growing, and this has a positive effect on the results that the end user receives.

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