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iOS is the leading mobile platform with lots of opportunities for users, startups and development teams. Millions of applications are available on the App Store to meet the needs of target audience. The world keeps going mobile. We use apps for booking, traveling, eating out, taking photos and sharing them on major social networks. This fact made the availability of best photo editing apps a must-have.

Choosing the best photo editing apps for iPhone is a tough challenge considering a growing number of released products. Some apps are designed to smartphones or tablets only. However, some biggest titles are equally perfect for different types of devices. They are free and come with a full set of editing instruments. What are they? Follow out a list of top editors for iOS. You will have a chance to choose the best photo editor app for you.

#1 – Snapseed

The application has already made a name for itself and has grown into a leading editing application. It is undoubtedly among the best photo editor apps iPhone.

Developers managed to create an easy-to-use product that is equally perfect for novice users and advanced editors. The selection of tools lets you cope with all primary products ranging from exposure, processing methods, cropping and sharpening to filters and layers.

You will additionally get an array of extra filters and layers as well as tools that make it easy to convert your images to a necessary format. Novice will never face difficulties when getting started. It is exceptionally sharp if you are new to iPhone and iOS in general. Handy guides and tutorials will make it easy to get involved.

After download, you get the following instruments:

  • Color, exposure and sharpening adjustments;
  • Rotation, cropping, straightening and more;
  • Healing tools and brushes;
  • Frames, texts, HDR, Black & White.

#2 – VSCO

Apart from best photo edit apps android, this application combines two primary functions. It can be used as a simple camera and editing tool at the same time. At the same time, VSCO is a sharing network where users can download their images and use editing instruments without leaving the app.

All filters are aimed at emulating modern and classic analog films. This new feature differs the application from other products available on the App Store. Numerous filters and brushes will let you quickly create a stunning photo for your Instagram account to gain as many likes as possible and become famous. Another significant advantage of the app is that is it free. Benefit from a collection of elegant filters, layers, and brushes to create an entirely styled image.

#3 – Filterstorm Neue

As well as best photo editing apps for Android, iOS applications may be free and paid. Free versions usually come with a basic set of instruments. Once you require a more powerful editing engine, you will have to pay for it.

This app is an excellent example of such approach. Although it will cost you less than $4, it offers a more powerful and advanced package of presets, adjusts and edits. If you are not new to different programs like Lightroom or Photoshop, you will never face difficulties when using this product. Novice users will also find the interface user-friendly and intuitive.

Filterstorm Neue is the best bet for those who want to go far beyond typical photo editing. You can benefit from the following advanced tools:

  • Mask instruments for selective adjustment;
  • Tone maps, curve, channel mixers and other sophisticated weapons;
  • Replacing or removing objects with a clone tool;
  • Noise reduction and watermarking.

#4 – Enlight

Wanna make the editing process as entertaining and creative as possible? Enlight app will add more artistic approach to the procedure. The application highlights a mixture of both conventional editing instruments as well as advanced tools for the most dedicated designers.

Select any part of the image and use Mask tool to apply any effect with only one touch. The rest of the photo will not be affected by any changes. On the other hand, a whole bunch of instruments makes the app a bit too complicated for understanding. Novice users may need some time to understand the workflow. Once you face any difficulties, you can benefit from a built-in Help section.

Once you decide to download Enlight, you will get all-in-one editing tool with the following features:

  • Selective exposure and color control;
  • Built-in masking features and Help section;
  • Cropping, straightening, rotating perspectives;
  • Vignettes, filters and light leaks;
  • Clone tool, B&W images, sketch effects;
  • Drawing tools, double exposure and more.

Final Word

iOS devices were never focused on great cameras and editing tools. But the times have changed. Today, App Store is full of great products for various types of devices. Whether you use iPad or iPhone, you will undoubtedly find a great tool that will let you create overwhelming images with only a couple of touches. Visit our website to find out more facts about available products for both web and mobile.



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