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Working with images can be a challenge especially when it comes to iOS-powered devices. However, there is a good solution. You can choose from a wide array of best photo apps for iPad. Of course, they are hardly free if compared with Android editors. Nevertheless, they still worth considering whenever you need to make the sky bluer, add filters or change the background to create a stunning photo.

We all know that Google produces devices more oriented on great cameras and great editing tools. It was company’s main advantage in its epic war with Apple devices. However, Apple producers decided to make the tables turned. They have come up with several great solutions that make the editing process as convenient and fast as possible.

Check our list and choose your best photo editor for iPad. Please, note that your choice should depend on some crucial factors that include not only a set of features but also price for the subscription. Some of the down-mentioned are too pricey. However, we just cannot miss any of the existing best photo editing apps iPad.

#1 – Pixelmator

The program is hardly the best choice for those who want to put an ease on their wallet. On the other hand, it will be great if you do not mind spending a fortune. And if you do pay, you will get an app that can let you handle any process. The app seems to cope with any editing procedures. This is why it is highly rated in spite of its price.

So, what is so unique about Pixelmator? It brings an excellent list of editing settings. You may choose whether to handle all the process automatically using a one-touch presets that ley you easily correct the color, enhance the surrounding beauty and deal with facial corrections as well. Use functions to remove unwanted objects and change the background, wrap chosen areas or twirl. The app does it all. The program is compatible with iPad. You can use its paint images on a device effortlessly. Use any of 100 different brushes to make a stunning design for your photo.

#2 – Adobe Lightroom

Meet an editing superstar! It’s already here! Lightroom is the number 1 choice for thousands of iOS users across the globe. You can hardly think of a better option considering endless collections of free presets for any topic.

The application is based on the Adobe Photoshop algorithm and uses the same system. This fact makes it easy for users to deal with any editing task. Whether you need to create a beautiful background for a wedding photo or result in a stunning outdoor newborn image, Lightroom is the app you need.

Another great news. The program is free. The bad news is that an open version includes only essential elements and instruments. If you want to take the fullest from best photo editor app iPap, you should prepare to pay. It will let you synchronize the application across various devices including Mac.

#3- A Color Story

Have you ever thought of an app that will keep all your images stylized, sharp and vibrant on your iPad? A Color Story is an app that will lend you a hand whenever you need to edit some photos with ease. Although released not so long ago if compared with Lightroom, it now boasts over a million of downloads in addition to the Best New Application by Apple title.

A collection of 100+ filters will let you depict the feel of the image, its inner spirit, beauty, and style. Use any of the available tools ranging from presets, adjustments, filters and other means that will let you change the color, brightness, temperature and other parameters.

Another great benefit of the app is that it is compatible with iPad. You can see all edits and changes right from your device. The app is 100% free with no pro versions.

#4 – Snapseed

Unlimited editing, playful and entertaining interface, numerous filters and layers – seems like we have another paid app. But, not! Snapseed is a free application that can undoubtedly exceed users’ expectations. The program provides maximum precision when editing on iPad. It works fast every time you try to use new filters and effects.

Stunning result in addition to lots of fun is guaranteed. Developers followed the leading mobile app trends and made the product as entertaining and engaging as possible. Such approach has determined the overall app success. Users can edit RAW photos using tools like brushed, HDR, healing and cropping tools, etc. Implementing different effects has never been easier before. Create vintage or funny styles effortlessly with only one touch. ]

Final Word

Choosing the best iOS editor has been a challenging task a few years ago. The situation has changed with the release of such award-winning apps like Lightroom and Snapseed. Most of them are free. Others may seem to be a bit too pricey considering available substitutions. It is up to you what application to choose.








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