“Relook” or how easily “photoshop” portraits on the iPhone and iPad

In the social media era, people are increasingly worried about how to look great in photos. Surely everyone knows the situation when you look at your picture and notice a lot of shortcomings – red spots on the face, wrinkles, pimples. The longer you look at the photo – the more you find flaws. Relook – is photo editing app for iPhone. Fortunately, now there are many tools that allow you to retouch photos and easily remove shortcomings. Relook – iPhone photo editing tool, which will make the skin smooth, a snow-white smile, and an ideal lighting.

Concept and Editing Options

The application developer – is the company which created the best photo apps such as Repix. The program allows you to retouch portraits, including changing the line of cheekbones and even the eye color of the model. In addition, for further processing, images can be exported to Lightroom or Photoshop without losing the source.


The main screen contains the sections “Retouch”, “Change Form”, “Tone” and “View” (Retouch, Reshape, Tones and Looks). Each of them contains basic editing tools for retouching images, which are displayed at the page bottom. The “Cancel” and “Eraser” folders allow you to undo editing.

How the powerful photo editor works

Your photos for retouching are imported into the application from the smartphone gallery. Since Relook does not have a camera function, all images must be saved in the gallery. Start the best photo editing with the skin tone alignment with the Clean Tool; the tool effect is not striking – the skin does not look unnatural and lifeless. Smooth is suitable for removing large pores on the skin and scars, and Clarity allows you to highlight eyes and make your look more expressive. Redness is used to remove red spots on the face. Also if you want to focus on the subject and blur the background app offers tools for the defocus.

Spot Heal will remove wrinkles and pimples on the skin. It is possible with just one finger touching the screen. With more significant problems on the face will help to cope Clone; it’s enough to touch the area you need to fix and drag it to the skin clean. The “patch” created in this way from a clean area will replace the problem zone. With this tools and filters, you can even “shave off” a thick beard. The Soft Clone tool works the same way but adds an easy blur effect to eliminate wrinkles.

Modify the facial features – the line of cheekbones and chin, forehead width, nose shape with the help of photo editing tools from the category Reshaping. The main changes are made with the help of Move, and for a more thorough study of small details (the lips, teeth shape) Spot is used.

Relook is editing app that allows changing the lighting, adding a shadow and highlighting the image with the help of tools from the category Tones. For example, Color can be used to change the skin tone and eye color. The Saturate feature makes colors more saturated – to give the person expressiveness. Decolor, on the contrary, allows you to dim the colors brightness.

After editing individual photo parts you can apply filters that will improve the overall picture. If you do not know what this or that image editing tool is for, the developers have provided each of them with depth editing tutorials and an animated GIF-picture.


Independent designer and developer Mike Rundle released a new powerful photo editing application for the iPhone called Filters. The mobile program offers users more than eight hundred different visual, creative filters, effects and stands out by a thoughtful interface. The author has tried to make advanced photo editing processing as intuitive and simple as possible. In fact, the whole process can be broken down into three large phases – opening a picture or a photo, making all necessary changes to it and saving the result. By the way, you can immediately share a ready image with friends in social networks.

On the main screen Filters almost no different keys or menus, thanks to this 90% of the working area is occupied by the picture. All the main functionality is hidden behind four keys: Filters, Overlays, Effects, and Favorites.

Each key hides a compact menu that opens access to partitions or other functions. This approach saves a lot of space but does not suffer from navigation.

As already mentioned above, the application contains more than 800 different filters and editing functions. Thanks to a wide range of users</span>, you can create a variety of different versions of the same image. Each filter has its own number, which helps to find it again easily.

When you select a specific filter, a screen with a single slider opens, the scrolling of which allows you to change the applied effect. At any time, the user can compare the resulting image with the previous version with a long press on the stage.

In addition in Filters, you can also find standard tools that allow you to adjust your photos with the changing the brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation. However, the main feature of the application still filters. According to the author, he paid much attention to this issue. Filters will allow owners of Apple devices to achieve really impressive results. The app creator does not plan to stop there. In future Filters updates, there will be a new mode “Landscape”, the ability to adjust the depth in real time and many other interesting things.

“Brushstroke” or how to turn a photo into a picture on iPhone and iPad

Due to its wide capabilities, Apple products are popular among a large number of users. Many photographers, both beginners and experienced, have already appreciated the iPhone cameras quality as well as a large great photo editing applications selection that allow you to work with the pictures, photos and editing options at your own discretion.

Brushstroke for iPhone and iPad is a powerful app among other creative photo editing apps for incredible iPhone photos. With the application help you can turn any picture or photo into a real masterpiece of fine art for a minimum of time.

To begin with, choose an image from the gallery or take a new photo; next, you need to select a filter. There are a lot of options available, so you can experiment safely, achieving the desired result.

If desired, the image can be decorated, adding some effect; then you should choose the canvas texture and its color. This seemingly insignificant step can affect the final result greatly. At the end of the work, the author can change the contrast, brightness level at his own discretion, as well as sign the finished picture.

The resulting image can be saved in the device’s memory, uploaded to a page on the social network and even printed. You can get a hard copy. To get your work in hard copy, you should specify the desired photo dimensions, and also choose the appropriate frame. The cost of such an order can be from $ 50 to $ 170.

Brushstroke can be called one of the best graphics applications that offer great opportunities for creativity.

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