Thanks to a huge step forward, which made smartphone cameras, mobile photography and photo editing apps are now at the peak of popularity. Everyone wants to add a few hatches to photos to make them unique, and there are a considerable number of image editing applications which are designed specifically for this purpose. From the huge list of apps and editing tools which Google Play will give on “photo editor” request, you can get dizzy easily, so we compiled a list of the best photo editors for Android. Mobile devices, such as tablet computers and smartphones, have become so powerful that you can use them to improve photos fully. The result can be outstanding.

GoToAndLearn selected eight programs for you, which are the best programs for editing photos on Android; we picked all the tools and apps for Android according to the following principles:

Functionality – even the basic photo editing program should have a sufficiently large number of different photo editing features, settings, tools, and other useful functions. First of all, we paid attention to this indicator when we were drawing up the compilation.

Easy-to-use – the powerful photo editing program should not only be functional but also should be easy-to-use. The main advantage of a mobile photo, image editing is speed, quality, and convenience; for a person who opens a program at the first time, the interface must be intuitive. To improve and upload a new photo to social networks, you do not need to take specialized courses and spend the nights studying the app features. The person who previously did not use this photo editor should quickly and easily understand how it works.

The interface of photo editing app is also an important point. It is always pleasant to work with a tool, the design of which design is thought out and pleasing to the eye; the bodge design of applications does not deserve attention.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

The image improvement program gains popularity every day. We should say, this editor is perfect. It has everything you need – both filters and images basic improving elements. It supports different filters such as B/W, HDR and so on, but there is also something unique, for example, Fancy – a filter that turns your pictures into watercolor. Usual functions – smoothing and defects elimination is obtainable in the mobile image editor.

Cupslice Photo Editor

The filters are the main editing application direction. There are a bunch of stickers and filters in this application. The developers follow the trend, so stickers remain relevant. Filters can also be adjusted to achieve the desired effect. The editor has standard functions as cropping images, frames, adjusting fading and saturation, the impact of B/W images, collages, brightness and contrast settings. This application is not particularly oversaturated with features, nevertheless it is free of charge . The only problem is periodic bugs.

Photo Editor

It is a powerful program which has different functions, settings, features, filters and even effects to edit images. The program has built-in effects, obtainable for pictures. Among the program unique features we would love to note the following:

crop, rotate, color adjustment – all these tools are obtainable in the application; .

the program “knows” how to convert ready-made edited images into PNG and JPEG formats;.

it is possible to send ready-made images to social networks, as well as E-mail messages;.

the popular photo editing program is without charge, and you can download it from GoolgePlay.


AirBrush is an excellent editor for those who like taking selfies.

Its primary goal is to edit the skin flaws quickly; the program is full of functions and tools for an excellent defects elimination, a teeth whitening, a feature that makes the eye color brighter, a function of changing the shape, and filters for more significant effect. This app is easy to use, and the 4.8 rating on Google Play is impressive. The functions work by one-touch, which simplifies the program work. This is one of the most straightforward and most understandable image editors. The programs pro-version is cheaper than most competitors.

Photo Editor Pro

It is is a very popular application. More than 50 million people downloaded it, more than a million of whose left feedbacks. This is a cross between a modern “filter editor” and a traditional image editor, in this application, many functions affect both types of editing. Here you will find the settings for sharpness and blur, temperature settings, brightness, contrast, saturation, and attenuation. There are stickers, filters and adding text to the photo to create memes. It is a reliable solution depends on what you need. It is an app for Android without charge.

Photo Editor Aviary

Aviary is a simple, easy-to-use editor which has an intuitive interface, it does not allow you to perform image editing or perform complex operations fully, but it is also suitable for simple tasks as adding filters and effects, stickers. The image editing app has the full set of basic editing tools. With the help of application, a user can improve the original image quality, remove the red-eye effect, change the brightness, contrast, saturation, change the color and hue, replace the background, crop the image and add various graphic elements.

For memes fans, Aviary will help to create your favorite pictures from the phone and upload them to the network. You can download and use the app without charge. There are also libraries with different additional effects and filters on a paid basis; you can buy them and install. According to the developers, this tool is straightforward and allows you to edit images on the go. From the application features, we will note the following: .

the availability of built-in library with twelve image effects which are free of charge;

the ability to add beautiful stickers to the images ;

built-in tools: red-eye removal, teeth whitening, etc.

Adobe Applications

Each application has its own set of functions for a specific purpose; you can perform simple operations with RAW-files from your smartphone or DSLR, removing the “red-eye” effect. Adobe Lightroom receives updates often, acquiring new features. There is one potential problem – to use some of these programs you should have Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to access all the possible features. Those who already use Adobe CC, it is worth downloading these apps – mainly since the subscription to Adobe CC includes them by default.

Photoshop Touch

The GoToAndLearn crew thinks that it is the best solution for ardent photographers who use Android devices. The editor is obtainable not only on Android mobile operating system but also on others. Mobile Express Adobe Photoshop is the undisputed leader among existing advanced photo editors. The program has following features:

Layers, filters, selections – all these tools, familiar to us from Photoshop for desktops, are obtainable in Android version;

The ability to automatically synchronize with Adobe Creative Cloud will allow you to store all your work in one place;

Google Image Search is already built into the program, look for the necessary images with a single click.

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