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Apple’s computers are deservedly positioned as an optimal platform for creative work, a universal tool for the artist of the digital era. This collection presents the most exciting photo editing software for Mac users. So with this software, you could start creating your favorite photo in your photo collection.

Photo – standard editor for Mac OS X

New native free photo editor from Apple was not conceived for direct competition with Photoshop or similar heavy applications. With it, it’s challenging to create elaborate pictures from scratch, but it’s easy to quench creative itching by editing finished photos. Or to use as a sole, budgetary tool a full-time specialist in the design of graphic materials for websites and printed publications.

The functionality of the Photo application is based on the use of many filters and masks, the assortment of which can be replenished as needed. As an additional processing – vignetting, working with histograms, correction of white balance, a thought-out system of revision history. There is not that depth of manipulation with every single layer you could get used to, work is rather quick strokes, almost on the run. Remove the red-eye effect, adjust the contrast, crop the edges to insert into the article, etc. – all these one-click filters.

GIMP – photo editor for Mac OS X

Full-featured graphics open source software, for which we love the army of fans. Others can grumble – the application requires a particular study, training new skills. But persistent professionals, enthusiasts of their business, this is not a hindrance, good, Gimp now works without complications in all versions of MAC OS X.

Like the main competitor in Photoshop, this application has a fully customizable multifunctional interface, support for layered best mac photo editing and a rich set of highly specialized tools. Colorize the riotous color of an inconspicuous picture or create a monochrome masterpiece, make point or scale edits, remove defects, or maybe add them – the Gimp is ideally suited for intricate work, and for honing new professional techniques.

One of the main limitations of this editor for Mac is the specific support for working with RAW files, which the application recognizes, but can not be directly edited. It will take several lessons and tinker with plug-ins, which can scare off a quick-tempered neophyte. But for those who immerse themselves in the project, additional resources are opened, such as GIMPology textbooks, custom filters, various utilities and updates for different occasions. This best photo editing is a real alternative to Adobe software. Gimp the best, because it is free and Gimp opens RAW files.


The project is continuously updated and modernized – the application is fully adapted for OS X El Capitan. Functionality with filters and effects is surprising. The interface within the app remained forever in the 80’s. The last century, when users more than enough features of the most straightforward graphics editor, which is included in the package by default for each computer sold. Neither Microsoft with its Paint, nor Apple did not consider it expedient to change anything – the authors of Paintbrush wholeheartedly agree with them. There will always be a lot of simple tasks, for which there is a sufficient set of virtual chalk, eraser and fill function. The application supports only the most popular formats: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF.

Photo editing for Mac

Free photo editing, naturally, is not at all like cumbersome photo editors and intuitively understandable. Fotor in the version for desktop apple computers can: Adjust the contrast, brightness, and other image parameters; Crop the image; Provide it with filters or templates of “scenes”; Apply “Shift effect”; Make your quality photo collage.

Do not try to open RAW files in Fotor – the risk of falling out of image fragments during processing is excellent. There is no work with layers, powerful complex tools, authoring the interface, and most of the manipulation is limited to the use of ready-made, template correction algorithms. But – quickly and easily, optimally for streaming work.


This mac image editor is recommended for two categories of users – those who do not need to process RAW files, as well as anyone who wants to get rid of the burden in the form of paid subscription and the need to buy updates. You pay the equivalent of $ 30 and get a “budget adobe photoshop,” with the difference that Pixelmator was created for Mac OS X (Apple often advertises Pixelmator). That’s why it demonstrates excellent performance on computers with the age of several years or more.

Comparison with Adobe products is not accidental, in this editor supports the proprietary format PSD. Yes, yes, created in Adobe Photoshop can be edited in Pixelmator, and with almost the same photo editing tools. This is a thoughtful work with layers, and megaton effects and filters, and the editing tool “restoring brush” and much more. But there is not that flexibility in exporting data; there is no functionality for digital processing photos, there is no support for 3D structures. Quite a reasonable fee for the desire to save money on a graphics source image editor, without losing the main thing.

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