Lightroom by Adobe is by far one of the most widely used RAW photo editors out there. It’s famous not only for its quality and ease of use but also because it allows users to enhance its usability thanks to a number of presets available online. These presets can help users change the look of their photos in an instant.

20 Free Lightroom Presets
From the classic “Film Noir” to “Peppermint” look to transform your photos

If you’re looking to get into using Lightroom presets for your own photographs, we’ve collected the best ones you can use in various categories.

Best Presets for Portraits

Whether you want to create a vintage portrait or one with perfect lighting, these are the best presets you can use:

  1. Vintage Vixen

With Vintage Vixen, you have at your disposal a collection of free Lightroom presets that excel in achieving the vintage look. They work with various kinds of photos but are best for portraits.

  1. Deep Matte

Deep Matte is a free preset for Lightroom that adds instant depth and texture to your portraits, giving them a strong matte look that elevates them to another level.

  1. Mini Enlighten

If you want to give your portraits better colors and even exposure, then the free preset collection by Mini Enlighten is just what you need. These stackable presets work with each other very subtly to enhance portraits.

  1. Grace

Another free preset that focuses on bringing out details hidden in the shadows, Grace is perfect to achieve evenly lit portraits with a healthy amount of contrast.

  1. Skin Tone

As the name suggests, Skin Tone is a preset that takes care of the skin tones in your portrait photos, which arguably is one of the hardest things to do while editing portraits. And it does this for free!

  1. Hollywood Collection

If you want your portraits to be glamorous like the movies, then Hollywood Collection is the way to go. You get two presets for free to check them out, but paying the $39 for the pro version brings 70 unique looks for your portrait shots.

  1. Urban Presets

If you prefer a more gritty look to your portraits, then these Urban presets will give you exactly that. They add a grungy feel to your photos, so they work really well with street portraits.

  1. Lightgram

The 15 free presets that come as part of the Lightgram collection, can handle portraits of any kind. From giving you a pop of color to deep contrasty black and white images, Lightgram has all you could want from a Lightroom preset for portraits.

  1. Portrait Photography Vol. 1

This preset pack comes with 20 high-quality presets for $19, and can achieve every kind of portrait look from young and energetic to raw and gritty.

  1. Milky Noir

A free preset designed to give portraits a very subtle and timeless look, Milky Noir prefers the use of a bright exposure and washed out shadows.

  1. Strong HDR

Another free preset, Strong HDR is one that makes your portraits look very realistic and contrasty without really making them look fully ‘HDR’. It’s a great way to instantly make your portrait shots more engaging.

  1. Cinema Presets

To give your photos are cinematic, movie-like feel, Cinema Presets should be your first choice. For just $7, you’ll get 12 such presets that will completely elevate the look of your photos.

  1. Pretty Pastel

Giving a soft and pastel look to your portraits is easy with the 20 presets you get with the Pretty Pastel pack. You can get this pack as part of a bundle of 300 presets for just $39.

  1. Asakusa

This free Lightroom preset excels in giving your images a low-saturated look with some split toning thrown in for good measure. The resulting images are quite unique in their tone.

  1. ON1 Signature Collection Vol. 2

Coming from the makers of ON1, another great photo editor, this free set of presets has many that can be used with portraits to give them an Instagram-y look.

  1. Soft and Light Presets

A mere $9 will get you a set of 20 Soft and Light Presets for Lightroom, all of which are designed to make your portrait photos look soft and elegant.

  1. Faded Lightroom Presets

Faded Lightroom Presets come as a pack of 16 for $9, and are designed to give your photos a soft and faded effect, which works very well with portrait photos if you like subtle, almost retro portraits.

  1. Cross Processed

Sometimes all you need to make your portrait shots look better is a simple Cross Processed effect. With this preset, you can get that look very quickly and for completely free!

  1. Autumn Lightroom Preset

This preset comes free from a pack of seasonal presets and is ideal for portrait photos as it gives a very warm, sepia-like tone to your photos making them look much more lively.

  1. Spring Color

If you want a more subtle effect than the previous preset gives, then the free Spring Color will make your photos look like they were taken on a perfect spring day. It boosts the saturation and warmth of images and makes them look more alive.

  1. Strike a Pose

If you’re looking for a complete workflow consisting of 69 presets and 62 brushes, all designed to help you make your portrait photos look stunning, then look no further than the Strike a Pose Portrait Workflow. This will help you give your portrait photos exactly the look you want for just $20!

  1. Newborn Delights Workflow

For $31, you can get the Newborn Delights Workflow pack which comes with 23 brushes and 57 presets, all to make your newborn portrait photos look as amazing as possible. So, if you specialize in baby newborn photography, this is the pack you need.

  1. Lomography Lightroom Presets

While Lomography-inspired looks can work with many kinds of photos, they can really bring a boring portrait to life instantly. With the Lomography Lightroom Presets pack, you’ll get 20 well-crafted and adjustable looks that are inspired from Lomography prints, and that too for just $6.

  1. Color Fantasy Workflow

Another workflow to make environmental portraits look amazing is the Color Fantasy Workflow. It has a whopping 82 presets that are designed to enhance the colors of your photos, with the option for stacking them with one another to get your own unique look. For $25, this pack is highly recommended.

  1. Intense Warm Preset

As the name suggests, this is a Lightroom preset that adds to the overall warmth and intensity of any portrait. This works very well with street portraits and also studio portraits where you want to showcase a rugged look. And the best part? Intense Warm is completely free!

Best Presets for Landscapes and Nature

For those of you looking to capture the perfect landscape shot, these are the best Lightroom presets to use:

  1. Cinematic HDR

Nothing better than a free HDR preset to get things started, right? With Cinematic HDR, you’ll be able to bring out details from your landscape’s shadows and highlights while giving it an overall cinema-vibe.

  1. Black & White HDR

Speaking of free HDR presets, Black & White HDR gives your landscapes an instant dramatic look that is sure to make even the most boring of lighting look much more appealing.

  1. HDR Premium Lightroom Presets

With 40 high-quality HDR-inspired presets, the HDR Premium pack comes stuffed with so many looks that you will find it hard to decide which one you want to use. These are also fully adjustable in nature so you can play around with them all you want. For $19, you can’t go wrong with this one.

  1. 100 Travel & Landscape Lightroom Presets

As the name suggests, this is a collection of 100 presets specifically designed with traveling photographers in mind. With so many choices, you’re sure to find something that works with your particular images.

  1. Through the Woods

Through the Woods is a workflow packed with 80 presets and 42 brushes designed to make images with bad lighting look amazing. It can be yours for $31 and can be a godsend in those bad weather days.

  1. Monochrome and B&W Landscape Presets

These presets have been designed just for those of you who want to experiment with monochrome landscapes. The pack contains 10 presets and can be bought for $9.

  1. Skyfall

Skyfall is a free preset that makes your skies look pale pink and gives them a low contrast. Why does it do that? To make beautiful landscape photos look like subtle scenes right out of a movie.

  1. High Tide

High Tide is another free preset that is well-suited to photos taken at the beach. It also works well with summer photos or those with a good amount of sunlight. If achieving a soft, almost vintage look is your preference, then this is a no brainer.

  1. Landscape Vibrations

If you want to add an instant pop of color and contrast to your landscape photos without taking the risk of going overboard with these options, then Landscape Vibrations will do just the right amount of work for you, for free!

  1. Autumn Color Boost HDR

Who doesn’t love the autumn colors in landscape photos? With Autumn Color Boost HDR, you can get those warm, bright and punchy colors in any landscape for free.

  1. Beautiful Sunrise

A sunrise photo, if taken well, can be something people instantly gravitate towards. Make these photos of yours even more appealing with the free Beautiful Sunrise preset that adds a little more color and brightness to your photos.

  1. Forgiveness X100

Forgiveness X100 makes your landscapes look instantly dark and moody. If you want to add a whole lot of drama to your photos without making them go completely black and white, this free preset is for you.

  1. Sharp Color Pop

Another free preset, Sharp Color Pop adds more color and contrast to landscape photos, making them look sharper and much more vibrant.

  1. Holga Presets

A free pack of 10 Holga-inspired presets is what you want for turning boring landscapes into instantly fun photos. For all things Holga, this is the preset to use with Lightroom.

  1. Basic Color Enhance

Sometimes, all you really need to improve a landscape or nature shot is to enhance the colors and mood a little. With the Basic Color Enhance pack of 3 presets, you can do that for free in just a few clicks.

  1. Frosty Kiss

With the 2 presets you get for free in the Frosty Kiss pack, you can add a breezy look to your nature shots. These work especially well with closeup photos of flowers, as they make them look light and airy.

  1. 40 HDR Professional Presets

If you’re willing to spend a small fee of $9, you can get 40 HDR Professional Presets for Lightroom. These are all high-quality HDR-inspired looks that work with various kinds of photography, including landscapes.

  1. Soft HDR Lightroom Presets

If you want to stick with HDR but don’t want it to be too harsh, then the 15 Soft HDR Lightroom Presets pack is a very good buy at $8. These will give your landscape shots subtle enhancements, making them look more alive.

  1. Soft Rose

If you like taking macro photos of flowers, then Soft Rose is great for adding a little more light and softness to such photos. And since it’s free, there’s no excuse not to try it.

  1. Cherry Blossom

Sticking with the theme of presets made for closeup photos of flowers, Cherry Blossom is also a free option for making your photos look much brighter and more lively.

  1. Elegant Fade

Elegant Fade is a free preset that can make your landscape or close-up nature photos look more subtle and soft. It desaturates photos a little and makes them look a little faded to achieve a very relaxing mood.

  1. Underwater

If you take underwater photos, then Underwater is a free preset choice to make your photos of the water world look more vivid.

  1. PHLearn Sample Pack

The PHLearn Sample Pack contains a handful of unique looks for you to try on your landscape photos. The pack can be added to Lightroom for free and had effects ranging from Arctic Blue to Light Flare.

  1. Summer Breeze

For breezy and warm summer scenes, Summer Breeze can add some warmth and extra color to make your photos look very calming. It’s a free preset so be sure to give it a try.

  1. Purple Haze

For moody landscapes or close-ups where you want to focus on the main subject, the free Purple Haze preset adds a split tone of light and dark purple shades. It also adds a vignette to bring the center of the image to attention.

Best Presets for Weddings and Events

For making weddings and other such events look captivating, these Lightroom presets are your best bet:

  1. Vows Wedding Presets

This Wedding Lightroom Presets Collection created by Mindtrick offers 30 presets for $33.99 that are all designed around the idea of making scenes look ‘light and airy’. This soft look can make any wedding photo look more appealing and is bound to make the clients happy.

  1. Mad Dash

Mad Dash is great for outdoor wedding photos, especially photos of the couple. It adds contrast and removes some saturation to make the photos look almost vintage. The best part about this preset is that it’s free.

  1. Photography Concentrate

If you prefer to create your own color tones by using high-quality presets, then the Photography Concentrate pack of 10 free presets is for you. It comes with 5 black & white and 5 color presets and puts all the control in your very hands.

  1. The Photon Collective Presets

For absolutely free, you get a set of 16 excellent presets by The Photon Collective that can be perfect to achieve different looks for your wedding photos. From soft portraits to vintage group shots, there’s a lot you can do with this set.

  1. Editorial Magazine Lightroom Presets

To give your wedding portraits a magazine-like quality, you can’t go wrong with the Editorial Magazine collection of 30 very high quality presets. These can be bought for a mere $9, making them a great value for wedding and fashion portraits alike.

  1. Magazine Profiles

For a very low price of $6, you can also get the Magazine Profiles pack that comes with a massive 42 presets. All of these have been inspired by popular magazines to give your wedding or portrait shots a very unique look.

  1. Perfect Skin

Perfect Skin is a Lightroom preset pack containing 10 premium presets that aim to improve the skin tones of your wedding couple portraits. It costs $6 and is a great investment if you specialize in wedding and portrait photos.

  1. Pro Wedding Presets

Spending $19 on 28 Pro Wedding Presets will give you the chance to experiment with multiple professionally-designed looks for your wedding photos. This pack has been specifically designed for weddings, so you’re sure to find a preset that works for many different kinds of wedding photos.

  1. Color Pop

Color Pop is a free Lightroom preset that will quickly and easily make the colors of your wedding photos pop, adding a little more life and warmth to them.

  1. PH The Weddings

This set of 8 Lightroom presets has been designed to make wedding photos look amazing, even if they’re taken in non-ideal lighting situations. Some can make for soft portraits while others are great for a dramatic shoot.

  1. Fashion Vintage

If you want to take vintage wedding photos, look no further than the Fashion Vintage pack that comes with 10 free presets. Each of these gives a different retro look to your photos, so be sure to try out which one works best for you.

  1. Vintage Wedding

Another vintage-inspired wedding portrait preset, Vintage Wedding desaturates your photos and increases brightness and contrast to give them a retro look for free.

  1. Soft Wash Film Lead

This is a free preset that you can use to make your couple photos look like they were taken with a vintage film camera. It adds an almost golden tint to photos that can work very well with wedding portraits.

  1. Wedding Day

Aptly named, Wedding Day is a free preset that boosts the vibrance and brightness of your photos to make them look as happy and uplifting as possible. This, undoubtedly, works great with wedding photos where happiness is in the air.

  1. 2 Presets for Weddings

2 Presets for Weddings are made to elevate dull wedding photos. The first of these increases exposure, contrast, warmth, and sharpening while the second one is designed to fix the light in underexposed photos. This pack of two presets is also free. 

Best Presets for Vintage Photos

If you’re more of a walking photographer who likes to dabble with vintage-inspired photography, these are some presets you should take a look at:

  1. Vintage Collection

For two basic retro effects, Vintage Collection’s free pack is a great choice to start off with. The Classic ii and Misty presets it offers both have very different looks.

  1. Vintage Vegas

Vintage Vegas us another free preset that can completely change the look of your photo. It turns any photo into a very retro-looking one, so if you want a strong vintage effect, this is worth a shot.

  1. Bold Film

If you like the purple tint prevalent in some vintage photos, then Bold Film will give you a similar look and feel for free. It’s best used in exterior shots as it has a very interesting effect on sunlight.

  1. Retrochrome

The 17 presets included in Retrochrome are designed to exude a sense of nostalgia, especially in portrait and family photos. It can be enjoyed for free after you sign up.

  1. Kodachrome 25 Film

If you like the aesthetic of the Kodachrome Film, then this free preset is perfect for you. It emulates the Kodachrome look and changes the look of your photos with subtlety.

  1. The Film Collection

The Film Collection contains 10 Lightroom presets that can be used to give your photos a retro look. This Collection is free and is ideal for multiple types of photography.

  1. Warm Retro

Warm Retro is a free preset for Lightroom that adds a good amount of orange warmth to your photos, giving them a vintage look instantly.

  1. Sepia Presets

Sometimes, a good sepia effect is all you need to make a photo look timeless. The Sepia Presets bundle comes with 10 free presets, all designed to inject a dose of nostalgia to your photos.

  1. The Analogue Collection

More than 20 Lightroom presets are included in The Analogue Collection that can each be used to create really cool film-inspired photos for free.

  1. Altphotos Presets

With the 10 free Lightroom presets that Altphotos brings, you can find multiple retro-inspired looks for your photos. From presets that add warmth to those that add a blue haze to photos, there’s a lot to be experimented with here.

  1. 7 Vintage Presets for Lightroom

These 7 presets can be used for completely free. Each of them is very high-quality and has its own unique quality that it adds to your photos.

  1. Forgotten Postcards

The Forgotten Postcards Workflow costs $20 and comes with a huge library of 88 presets and 24 brushes, all designed to give a retro, postcard-style look to your photos.

  1. Color Print Film Emulation

This pack comes with a generous 18 free Color Print Film Emulation Lightroom Presets. From Fuji’s films to Kodak’s, these presets emulate the look of many popular films, making them ideal for any photographer serious about vintage photos.

  1. Faded Film Look

For two free vintage presets, give the Faded Film Look presets a try. One of these is a black & white preset while the other is color. Both instantly make your photos look more retro.

  1. Lifestyle Film Lightroom Presets

This excellent pack of 19 presets is great for trying out different vintage looks, each designed to perfection. For just $16, you can up your vintage photography game in no time with these.

  1. Instant Hipster

Instant Hipster puts 19 retro effects at your disposal for just $12. All of these effects are completely different from one another and have an Instagram-like quality to them.

  1. Kodak Gold 200 and Agfa Vista 400

As the name suggests, this pack comes with presets inspired by two very specific films made by Kodak and Agfa back in the day. It costs $9, but is definitely worth the money if you’re looking for a true retro effect.

  1. Vintage Lifestyle

10 Vintage Lifestyle Lightroom Presets can be yours for just $5, allowing you to completely change the look of your photos with a single click. All the presets included in this collection are very high-quality and professionally designed.

  1. Analogue Love 1

Analogue Love 1 is a free preset for Lightroom that is designed to add a soft, warm look to your photos. It also adds grain to your photos, making them look vintage with ease.

  1. Old Film

Another preset that takes after the analogue style, Old Film adds warmth and brightness to your photos while making the colors pop. It’s free, so do give it a shot.

  1. Archived Grain

The addition of grain and a cross-process effect makes Archived Grain a very worthy Lightroom preset for creating vintage photos. It gives an almost Lomo-like feel to photos, and it does so completely free!

  1. Almost Black and White

If you want to get the vintage look but also want your photos to go black and white, then Almost Black and White is a good free preset to use. It adds warmth to the photos and uses split toning to make ‘almost’ black and white photos.

  1. Polaroid Style

Polaroid Style is a pack of two presets that give a retro look to your photos for free. One of these prefers an overall warm tone while the other makes the image cooler.

  1. Warming Vignette

Another couple of presets that provide a film-like effect, Warming Vignette is a strong choice for retro photos. Both included presets add a heavy vignette to images to make the center of the photos come to life.

  1. John and Marcus Salvation

John and Marcus Salvation is a single preset that desaturates your photos, increases their contrast, and ups the green tones to achieve a unique look that is akin to photos taken with old film cameras.

  1. Old Touch

Old Touch is a preset that makes your photos look like they came out of a historical archive. It’s an interesting effect to try out and since it’s free, it won’t hurt to give it a shot.

  1. Old Skool Toning

If you want to make your photos look like they have been lying around your house for decades so that their colors are fading, then Old Skool Toning will give you that look for free.

  1. Island Breeze

For a breezy, light, yet retro look to your photos, try the free Island Breeze preset. It creates an almost HDR-style photo but also throws in split toning for a vintage look.

  1. 30 Vintage Presets

For $17, you can get 30 Vintage Presets that will surely give your photos a retro look. From subtle effects to very pronounced ones, this pack has it all.

  1. Nicolesy’s Matte

Nicolesy’s Matte is a free preset pack that makes your photos look as if they’ve been faded over time. It’s a very subtle effect that can completely change the look of your photos by softening the shadows and adding a little split toning.

  1. Kelvin-Borders

If you want your photos to look like they were printed on film and then scanned, Kelvin-Borders is a great free choice to do that. It makes photos look vintage but also adds slightly rounded corners to make them look like actual vintage prints.

  1. XAnalog Basic

XAnalog Basic is a great free option for those photos that you want to look bright and colorful while also being vintage in nature. It doesn’t fade your photos but rather makes the colors pop out.

  1. Clean Vintage

Clean Vintage is a simple and free Lightroom preset that changes the look of your photos into a vintage one, instantly. For a quick vintage effect that’s also very bright and airy, try this one out.

  1. Aged Sepia

For urban and street scenes, Aged Sepia works great by adding a sepia hue over the entire image and fading it away a little. It’s a free preset that produces very pleasing results.

  1. Film-Inspired

And lastly, we have Film-Inspired. This is also a free and very simple to use Lightroom preset that gives photos a look inspired by film. Its effects are not very jarring or pronounced, so if you like subtle retro effects then do give this a try.

Best Presets for Everything Else

For those of you looking for preset packs that do all sorts of things, here are the best choices:

  1. Cinematic Color Looks

For absolutely free, you can get your hands on some seriously well-developed Cinematic Color Looks by Skylum. The 4 presets included in this pack are designed to provide specific kinds of looks to your photos, instantly transforming them.

  1. Premium Cinematic Color Looks

If you want even more styles, then the Premium Cinematic Looks pack from Skylum adds 8 more excellent presets to your workflow. This pack costs $24 and is well worth the premium.

  1. Free Lightroom Presets

Skylum offers a whopping 20 more presets for use with Lightroom for completely free. From classic looks to more moody ones, these presets are sure to save you a lot of time.

  1. Premium Lightroom Presets

For even more unique looks that can change the way your photos look, check out the Premium Lightroom Presets offered by Skylum. They cost $10 and are different than many others you’ll find.

  1. Lifestyle Van Life

For outdoorsy photos, there is not much that can do better than the Lifestyle Van Life pack of 22 Lightroom presets. These cost $29 and are the perfect presets for you if you’re a travel or lifestyle photographer.

  1. Balinese Pastel Premium Presets

For $9, you can make your travel and outdoors photos look like they were taken in Bali. Muted tones, deep shadows, and a slightly faded feel are what these 15 Balinese presets excel at.

  1. Essential Lightroom Presets

If you want one preset pack that does it all, look no further than the Essential Lightroom Preset pack that costs just $25 but is packed with 167 different presets for you to try out.

  1. 50 Premium Lightroom Presets

The Vol. 1 of 50 Premium Lightroom Presets is designed to be used by not only photographers but also by graphic designers. The presets range from B&W effects to HDR ones and can be bought for $35.

  1. Free Lightroom Presets Volume 1

This is another free pack of 20 presets that you can use on pretty much all kinds of photos from portraits and weddings to landscapes and vintage.

  1. Dmitry Shukin Lightroom Preset Collection

The 30 travel and adventure presets in this pack have been developed by a pro photographer and are sure to enhance the look of all your travel photos, for a moderate $29.

  1. Creative Tacos Winter Presets

For those winter photos that need just a little bit more to look amazing, the 20 free Winter Presets by Creative Tacos have everything you could ever want.

  1. Nathael Labat’s Lightroom Presets

This Lightroom Preset Selection costs $23 and has multiple presets that will help you get some color back to your photos. It’s ideal for winter landscapes but can be great for other outdoors shots as well.

  1. Let It Snow

Let It Snow by The Luxe Lens is a pack of 30 Lightroom presets, 9 brushes and 17 tool presets that are all designed to enhance your winter and outdoor photos.

  1. Fashion Darlings

To make your fashion photographs look more elegant, the 3 free presets that come as Fashion Darlings are great with the different looks they can infuse in your photos.

  1. Fashion Look

Sticking with the theme of design, Fashion Look is a great choice for classy interior photos. It contains five free Lightroom presets, giving you plenty to play around with.

  1. Blondies and Brunettes

Blondies and Brunettes is a free preset for Lightroom that drastically changes the tone of your photos. It’s best used for outdoorsy fashion shoots where you want a more creative look rather than a realistic one.

  1. 15 Free Lightroom Presets Bundle

The folks at PhotoWhoa have made 15 professionally developed Lightroom presets available for free to be used with photos of any kind, from portraits to landscapes.

  1. Contrastly Lightroom Preset Bundle

If you’re looking to spend money in order to get a huge collection of presets for Lightroom, Contrastly’s bundle will bring you more than 1300 presets for $99, all of which are excellently developed.

  1. 10 Free Presets by The Creativv

All you have to do in order to get these 10 Lightroom presets for free is sign up for an account with The Creativv. The 10 presets you get are perfect if you’re an urban or street photographer.

  1. Dreamscape

For travel photographers, Dreamscape is a great free preset that will change your travel landscape or cityscape photos into pleasing, almost vintage images.

  1. Dawning

Dawning is a preset made for those who love taking photos of architecture. It instantly enhances photos with a sunny effect and is great for landscapes too. Also, it’s free!

  1. Best Black & White Lightroom Preset

Self-proclaimed as the Best Black & White preset for Lightroom, this is a free option to make any type of photo turn into a very nicely balanced black and white image.

  1. High Contrast Black & White

As the name suggests, this free preset is ideal for those of you who like the high contrast black and white look. It works well for portraits, street photos as well as landscapes.

  1. Sun Flare

For a quick sunny effect in your photos, try the free Sun Flare preset. It adds a lot of brightness to your photos, making them look a little overexposed but very pleasing.

  1. Silver Lining

Another free preset, Silver Lining is more for the creative types. It makes photos go almost black and white, with enhanced brightness making them look more silver than anything else.

  1. The Bouquet

The Bouquet is a free preset that is perfect for adding a lot of life to dull photos. It works by adding a slight split toning effect and couples that with some clarity to liven up images.

  1. Whitman Cinematic Warm

The Whitman Cinematic Warm preset is free to use and is good for portraits where you want a very cinematic feeling but also want to introduce some warmth into them.

  1. Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing is a free preset great for graphic designers. It essentially takes your photos and turns them into something akin to a pencil sketch.

  1. Sin City

For enhancing the reds in your photos and giving them a dramatic look, use the free Lightroom preset ‘Sin City’ and get very good results with ease.

  1. Cinematic Kit

Cinematic Kit contains 4 different presets that each produces a different cinematic look for your photos. This bundle is free to use and will be a great addition to your collection.

  1. Dust Storm

A rather unique Lightroom preset, Dust Storm makes your photos look like they were taken in, well, a dust storm. It’s a free preset that can be fun to play around with.

  1. Post-Apocalyptic

For a Post-Apocalyptic, grungy and rugged look, you can use this preset for free. It makes photos vibrant and adds a little grain as well.

  1. Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar comes with 114 Lightroom presets all designed to make architectural shot look amazing. It costs $31 and is a vital addition to Lightroom if you take architectural photos.

  1. Superior Interior

If you want your interior design photos to get to the next level, try Superior Interior. It costs $31 but comes with 130 presets all designed to enhance interior photos.

  1. Blue Shadows

Blue Shadows is a unique preset that makes your photos go black and white but adds a blue tint to the shadows. It makes photos look almost like they were taken from an infrared camera.

  1. Catch a Fire

Catch a Fire is a very visually pleasing filter that is perfect to create monochromatic photos that look like slightly burnt prints. It’s free and can be used very effectively for certain types of photos.

  1. Copper Tone Skin

Whether you shoot portraits or urban night scenes, Copper Tone Skin is a great way to give your photos a unique copper tint. It’s a free preset and it gives your photos an almost vintage vibe.

  1. Shadow Crusher

Shadow Crusher is another free Lightroom preset that adds color to the shadows of dull photos to make them look much richer. It essentially ‘crushes’ shadows to give you a more contrasty look.

  1. Eric Kim Lightroom Presets

For street photographers, the free two-preset pack by Eric Kim is a great addition to Lightroom. One of the two presets creates color photos while the other creates black and white ones. Both presets add a lot of contrast to photos as well.

  1. Sharp Washed

Sharp Washed adds sharpness to your photos while also making them look washed out. It also adds to the greens of your photos to a unique look.

  1. Yeah – High Contrast

For adding a lot of contrast, brightness, and reds to your images, try the free Yeah – High Contrast preset. It works great on portraits but is also ideal for product and food shots.

  1. CatchingSand Black and White Pack 1

Instead of fiddling around with Lightroom for hours trying to create the perfect black and white photo, try one of the three presets included in this pack for free!

  1. Rockwell Warm

For urban scenes or gritty street shots, Rockwell Warm works great by taking away a lot of the saturation and adding sharpness and clarity. It’s also free so you can try it out, no strings attached.

  1. Matt Kloskowski’s Spotlight

By using the radial filter option in Lightroom, Matt Kloskowski’s Spotlight preset essentially creates a spotlight effect in your photos. This is a free preset that works great for separating the subject from the surroundings.

  1. Desaturate Me

To get a desaturated effect for your photos, Desaturate Me can be used for free. What it does to photos is quite dramatic, but if that’s the kind of look you want, you can achieve it with ease.

  1. Cole’s Classroom Presets

Without spending any money, you can get a pack of 15 amazingly designed presets developed by Cole’s Classroom. Ranging from color presets to b&w ones, there’s a lot to love here.

  1. BeArt Presets

And to round things off, we have the free-to-use BeArt preset pack that comes with 10 presets that can be used with a slew of images to make them look amazing in a single click.

And with that, we conclude our list of the best Lightroom presets you can add to your arsenal in order to make your photo editing process a whole lot easier. Once you start using these presets, you’ll see how much time and effort you can easily save while working towards getting that perfect look for the perfect scene you’ve captured.  

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