Best photo editor software for Windows 10

A variety of photo editing programs for PC can confound anyone. In order to help you find the right one, we offer a short overview of 5 quality photo editors that meet the most diverse needs of the user. But today the story is completely different: our mobile devices have all acquired a number of cameras, many of which are able to compete with the usual “soap boxes successfully,” and the emergence and active development of social networks dictate the frequent need to share good photos with friends.

Often, a simple user does not need the entire set of tools, which is enclosed in Photoshop, and you need to pay for everything. Therefore, users are increasingly looking for free photoshop replacement. Immediately say, a full-fledged free replacement does not exist, and everything else is a program for working with photos that either simulate Photoshop, or have those functions that are usually needed by an ordinary user in daily work with photos, it can be cropping photos, resizing, overlaying the background, correcting color effects (filters), fills, etc.

In this regard, the user often needs to edit your photos quickly. This can be trivial trimming or relatively serious processing with the use of filters and effects, setting levels and other options. Also, the popularity of photo collages is growing, which perfectly fit into social networks and other services that allow you to exchange photos. Such programs find completely different applications and can be useful in one case, but are useless in the other. Therefore, instead of making a rating of photo editors, we will try to subdivide them for different purposes and share the most interesting features.


GIMP – one of the most advanced free photo editor, which is suitable for easy editing and “deep” photo processing. The arsenal of possibilities is impressive – it supports multi-layered images, the ability to work with RAW-format cameras of almost all manufacturers, batch conversion, retouching, working with individual frames of animated drawings and even integrated vector graphics tools. To apply effects, a wide selection of different templates is offered.

Of the minuses, we note limited support for HDRi and a somewhat complex interface for novice users.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop – editor, whose name has become a household name in various languages. All the features of the program can be characterized in two words – everything is able. If there is no specialized function out of the box, then if necessary, you can easily find the plug-in and expand the functionality of the application.

With all the features of the editor, it has one significant drawback – the interface for this photo editing program cannot be called simple. Therefore, if you just need to edit the color gamut and apply the effect, then it’s worth looking at the alternative software.


Movavi Photo Editor is an easy-to-use program with extensive tools that are perfect for any photographers. Thanks to an intuitive interface and available tips, the program you will learn without difficulty.

Features: color correction and photo enhancement; the overlay of filters, textures and effects; quality retouch and virtual make-up; delete objects and replace the background; add inscriptions and watermarks; crop, rotate, highlight and paste, resize; saving in all popular formats and exporting to Facebook.


Photoscape – software that combines a convenient photo editor, a program for batch processing of images, as well as many other modules.

Main features of photo editing program: view photos in a folder; editing with the help of various color correction tools, filters, retouching, contrast brightness contrast and others; batch image processing; creation of collages and GIF.

It’s worth noting that the color filter settings are not as flexible, but it takes some time to sort out some of the tools. However, Photoscape is a good option for beginners, since it is distributed free of charge.


Pixlr is a paid application for which you must subscribe. Functionality, available in the paid version is quite extensive.

Thus, the functionality of this editor is higher level editing. In addition, it is available only in English, so we advise you to use it when you already have your hand in other, simpler programs.


Polar is a shareware photo editing software. This means that the features of the trial version are limited, and the full version must be paid. Features: a large number of filters, including black and white; color correction; skin retouch and noise suppression tools; adjustment of vignettes and channel hue saturation.

In the editor, there are also standard tools, like cropping and rotating images. Working with color, tone, and light is a fairly complex combination of settings, so this photo editing software can also be attributed to applications for professional image processing.

All the described editors provide such basic tools as cropping, twisting and adding effects, but in each of them, there is one or another tool that highlights them against the background of others. In order to choose the one that is right for you, you should consider your level of ownership of such software and apps, as well as the result that you want to get.

It is difficult to draw any conclusions regarding the best Android applications on this topic. Most of the tools have their own original ideas that will suit every individual user. The only thing I want to notice is that image processing is very tightly matched to mobile devices. The competition among developers is constantly growing, and this has a positive effect on the results that the end user receives.

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