The Best 10 Free Software Alternatives Like Photoshop


For many of us, Adobe Photoshop is the default image editor. But the tool multifunctionality does not demonstrate its practicability in specific situations. The ax also crack the nuts, but to take the nutcracker isn’t more natural? GoToAndLearn presents ten programs which make up a worthy alternative to the leading products in web photos editing sphere.


Photos Overview – Updated Free Photo-Monster From Apple


The standard alternative Photoshop program Photos don’t have an easy fate. Even before the program release, it gathered a detractors and critics club undeservedly. A question at issue is that thousands of users have expected from it more than it can give. Photos is a Photoshop like software. It comes to replace two old Apple applications – iPhoto and immediately and marks a new era of software unification. The Apple team managed to release a balanced, convenient software despite pressure atmosphere. The photo library and free Photoshop alternative should be preinstalled on every MAC computer. In short review, you will find out software features which merit respect in editing photos process.


Great image manipulation program for advanced picture editing


Everybody knows that the Photos features do not compare with professional image editing tools. The ordinary user doesn’t have a necessity to use three hundred Photoshop features, editing parameters, sliders. The updated Photos toolkit is significantly wider than the mobile prototype.


After selecting a photo and clicking on the Edit button, we get to the editor’s menu; it inverts the colors, which is reasonable – it’s more difficult to fine-tune a white background. In the image editing software arsenal, the user has six tools:


fully automatic improvement;


a photo coup with a step of 90º;


cropping images with slope, aspect ratio, rotation on the axis;


eight color filters without settings;


manual color correction;


retouching, combining “healing brush” and “stamp”.


Manual color correction, intelligent color alignment, and retouching


The Adjust menu follows the settings of IOS mobile phone largely – there are several “usage levels”. If the user is completely ignorant of color correction and does not even want to experiment, he can limit himself to three automated tools: “light,” “color,” and “black and white”. Turning to the “light”, we get access to the exposure, bright areas, shadows, brightness, contrast, black point. Behind the “color” – the saturation, contrast, hue. But besides this database, there is a list of initially unable to work editing tools including histogram, levels, sharpness, noise reduction, vignette, white balance (several methods for determining temperature, but without manual adjustment).


For people, who use Lightroom for color correction – work with Photos tools can be unusual, the program’s capabilities are sufficient in 95% of cases. Yes, the decision is not an ultimatum, but very advanced.


The Crop menu


The crop has received all the necessary tools except, perhaps, turning on the horizontal axis. And it has an automatic alignment mode when the horizon or explicit verticals are programmed. Not the most useful thing, but it is a tremendous additional image editing tool and some people like it.


Image retouching tool


We were pleasantly surprised by the “treating brush” and “stamp” quality. You can choose the brush size then everything happens automatically – the defects are removed, an image fragment is replaced. It is made well tool; it will be possible to fix image defects without Photoshop completely.


As in all decent editors, all photo changes in Photos are reversible – you can return to the original file or adjust specific parameters at any time. Support for batch processing is not available for MAC, but it is possible to copy all the applied changes and transfer to other pictures.




The best photo editor for MAC is Fotor. It is free, in its arsenal has a considerable set of filters, it can compete with such free Photoshop alternatives as VSCOcam and Snapseed. But advanced users use Fotor for other purposes: the application can prepare for publication photos massively, crop all the pictures in the specified folder and also save the changes conveniently. For example, there is a folder with 1000 high-resolution photos; it is necessary to reduce the size of all to FullHD and set one filter on all the pictures massively.




Perhaps the best solution for advanced editing for photographers who use the MAC. In comparison with products, Adobe Aperture is more lightweight but no less functional: you can adjust white balance in one click automatically, and perform auto amplification tool. There is also a set of brush and professional photo effects; the selling price for great photo preparation for publication is $ 79.99 only.




If you are looking for free image editing app for Android and iOS, which includes more than 600 effects, overlays, frames and is positioned as the best in the world – try Pixlr. With the application help, you can crop, resize, deal with the red-eye effect and even whiten the teeth imprinted on the picture.


Camera +


An alternative to the Camera app, which is defaulted on iOS-based hardware. The price ranges from $ 1.99 to $ 4.99; includes settings for the camera and separately for the photo editor. You can import pictures into Lightbox.


Serif PhotoPlus X7


It is the direct competitors of Photoshop, differing from it by a lower price: $ 99.99. PhotoPlus X7 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Beginners run the risk of experiencing some difficulties while working with the program; its interface may not seem very friendly. However, in skillful hands, PhotoPlus X7 will surprise.


Affinity Photo


Contrary to popular belief, this is not a clone of the famous vector editor Affinity Designer for Mac. Affinity Photo is the best free Photoshop alternative and an independent product. The open source application is designed to become a full-fledged alternative to Photoshop. The program was announced in 2015, and now is available the beta version and it is free of charge. Another product is Affinity Designer, and it is a tool for vector, raster graphics, which can compete with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.


PaintShop Pro X7.


A great Photoshop alternative for Windows which supports Photoshop brush tools and you can create collections at a specific date, share images with friends on social networks for £ 59.99. There are opportunities for working with vector graphics, the basic functions required for the image preparation for publication.


DxO OpticsPro 10


The main task of OpticsPro 10 is to convert RAW. It copes with it well. It aligns distortion, chromatic aberration automatically; allows you to view pictures and apply to each of them a default or custom preset. Cost: $ 129, available for Windows and MAC.




Seeing the light in 2007, the graphics editor Acorn for Mac has won over the hearts of a lot of artists. This web application does not only cope with many photo editing tasks but also has democratic value: $ 29.99. The last fourth version of the program implements an improved interface, the function of the nondestructive filter is added. You can save and modify custom filters after the application is closed

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