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As smartphone cameras are facing some vast improvements, editing photos with a mobile device have become more comfortable. Users may now use various filters and other instruments to create a stunning image and share it on any social network. Google Play delivers a selection of best free photo editing software. But, most of them highlight only simple tools.

Please, note that if you call for a more severe editing approach, best free photo editor for PC is still the best solution. Here we have a list of best photo editing software free for Android. It contains seven great options that will turn the editing process into an exciting entertainment without the need to switch on your computer or laptop.

#1 – Adobe Photo Editing App

Adobe is apparently the number 1 best free photo editing software for Windows. It also delivers a set of mobile applications. The entire solution represents a collection of several apps in one. They include:

  • Express Editor;
  • Photoshop Mix;
  • Lightroom.

Every single app has an array of options and functions. Most of you have probably used them separately. This time, you have an opportunity to have them all in one place.

#2 – Aviary

If you look for a long time app with the excellent reputation and an extended list of functions, Aviary is the one to consider. It hit the headlines due to its unique one-click editing mode. It is a proper function for rookies and users who feel like lazy to handle complicated editing procedures. An automated process can be launched with one touch. You can change brightness, enhance colors, temperature, use filters and more.

#3 – AirBrush

Selfies are taking the audience by storm. Users share them o every step showcasing some of the brightest moments in their lives. Editing selfies have always been the main issue for many app developers. As a result, we have recently witnessed the release of AirBrush – a perfect platform for editing selfies.

The software mainly comes as a fast and simple way to handle minor fixes and edits at several touches. Such simplicity made it possible for the application to gain success and high star rating at leading app stores. If you call for some more complex tools, AirBrush offers its paid pro version.

#4 – Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Well, this app is an excellent choice to consider if you’re looking for a reputable and best photo editor free for your smartphone. It boasts a growing popularity with users and delivers a selection of original instruments in addition to filters and sliders. In addition to some primary filters, you can choose from unique offerings like Fancy. They make the application even more entertaining.

#5 – Photo Editor by Cupslice

As a rule, mobile editing apps usually rely on essential functions like filters. Some developers try to make their tools more versatile and ad stickers that can be adjusted to images. This app can provide an exciting combination of filters and labels to make the editing process fun and entertaining. Crops, frames and other favorite adjustments are also available in the app.

#6 – Fotor

Fotor boasts excellent web version. Some users consider it the best photo editing software free. This time the company comes up with a mobile version to hit the headlines. Although the app is a bit more complicated for casual users who are far from being professional editors, it comes with actually the broadest range of instruments, filters, and adjustments. Cropping, rotation, and saturation come along with tools to edit brightness, temperature, contrast, etc.

#7 – LightX

The last but not the least on our list. Unavailable for Android devices, the app has already taken the iOS audience by storm. It is about to be released on Google Play as well. The main advantages of the application include the availability of some unique functions. They include:

  • A tool to change background;
  • Color splash effects;
  • An array of sliders;
  • Massive selection of filters which could be installed.

Users can team up and get involved in an editing process together for more fun. Photo collages, stickers, and other high options will be delivered by the future application.

Final Word

Choosing the best photo editing software free can be a challenging task unless you opt for our great list of apps. We have some more great articles related to the topic. Go to our website to find out more about the best editing software available on the web.

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