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It’s no longer a secret that ordinary selfies are not surprising anyone. Fans to exhibit their photos in social networks go to all sorts of tricks to stand out against the backdrop of other hundreds of thousands of people. It even comes with violent images. People are ready for anything for a perfect shot. But in fact, everything is not so difficult and to help active self-users rush all kinds of programs for smartphones.

The most selfie camera app is favorite not only among ordinary users but also among national and world stars. However, despite the rich abundance of applications, not all of them have a decent quality.

Facetune 2

A considerable self-harvester with a million features to fix each lack of features on the face. The program itself is free, but most photo filters and effects are available only to VIP customers. Facetune can change the shape of the face (narrow the chin, expand the smile), smooth the skin, remove wrinkles, whiten teeth and eyes, and glare. There is a separate tool that blurs the background – if you do not have an iPhone 7 Plus or Huawei P9 and the like, you can still make a beautiful bokeh (automatic mode does not work very neatly, you have to work with your finger).

The application can be called a mobile analog of a photoshop. Allows you to retouch your selfie maximally. I won’t look good then Facetune for you. The best app is already appreciated by Queen of world pop music Madonna.

Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft makes for platforms of competitors no fewer programs than for its own. Selfie app is a simple application with 14 real-time filters of different styles. No manual modes: all that you can influence is the choice of screen and the degree of its overlap. The program makes the skin smooth and stylizes the color – and more often it is not necessary.

YouCam Perfect and YouCam Makeup

Developers YouCam for some reason divided their application into two. The first – you can perfect selfie editing – can better face, improve shape, make the skin the way we see in magazines. But a unique feature was carried out in the satellite program – YouCam Makeup. This is a real make-up in the phone. Makeup dyes the hair gently puts lipstick on the lips, bring the red eye, changes the color of the eyebrows. There is a set of ready-made images, for example, you can make-up in the style of the 40’s: long eyelashes, blush, and very bright eyeshadow lipstick. An excellent way to “try on” makeup.

Perfect 365

This is the even fancier dressing room. Perfect365 also has ready-made images, including paid pictures, but the most exciting starts in manual mode. For example, for the eyes, you can change shadows, glitter, eyelashes, eyeliner, eyebrows, eye color add and remove unwanted blemishes. Chip for experiments: applying a hairstyle differently.


This application photo editor selfie was developed in Asia, so the result, let’s say, predictable – your photos will be kavain. The application chip is not in the tools, which are also a lot: smooth the skin, and change your eye, and tighten the chin (chins) – and in a separate mode “Drawing Selfies.” It is not known whether neural networks are used here, or smart algorithms are doing magic, but the result is indeed a picture, redrawn in the Korean style, that uploading your selfie to facebook twitter Instagram.


If you are tired of taking pictures of yourself at arm’s length, then this selfie photo editor is especially for you. It allows you to install your smartphone anywhere and take multiple photos of yourself in full growth. To do this, you need to raise your hand, squeeze it into a fist, grab the pose you like and after three seconds the smartphone will take the photo yourself.

Sometimes the application does not work, but this did not prevent him from receiving the Mobile World Congress award “for the most innovative application.”

Bright Camera

Portable selfie – studio and great selfie – the editor has a vast number of filters, effects, and color frames.

In addition to creating and processing photos from your phone, you can download pictures from Facebook Instagram. A distinctive feature of Bright Camera is its smooth operation and impressive functionality for such a small size. With just a few taps, even from the most nondescript snapshot, you can make a real photo masterpiece. Also, there is a unique set of circular photo effects: background blur, edge brightening, center highlight, mosaic, vignette, black and white photo effect for the background.


This application allows you to simultaneously take pictures of yourself, both on the front and back camera, and also glues the photos together. Thus, the photo shows everything that is happening around you. To do this, you just need to download the application and register your account in Frontback. After registration, you will be able to connect your account to Instagram Tumblr twitter. Frontback is also equipped with a news feed, where you can see pictures of other participants, leave “I like” and share your photos.

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