Having photography as a hobby or a profession can be very expensive, especially if someone is just starting out. The equipment including the cameras, lenses, lights, and filters can cause quite a dent in the pocket of an aspiring photographer. And these things aren’t the only ones that a photographer needs, but just some of the very basic ones. Over time, they need to keep spending more and more to fulfill their creative needs. 

So, when someone in their life gives them a nice present that not only is great for their birthday or some other occasion but also helps them in their photography, it feels really good. That is why we have compiled here a massive list of all kinds of presents that you can get your photographer friend whether it’s their birthday or not. These presents are sure to make their day and also play some part in their photographic journey.

And another thing. These gifts aren’t exclusive to photographers either. Many of them will also appeal to people who just like nice things so don’t hesitate to sift through the following list even if you don’t have a special photographer in your life. We’re sure you’ll find something for someone! 

Best Gifts for Photographers

1. LONMAX Real Capacity Crystal Violin Guitar USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Storage is one of the most important things that a photographer needs. It’s vital to keep all of their files saved on multiple USB sticks and hard drives. This flash drive is made from walnut wood and comes with a special walnut box too! What’s not to love here?

2. Molly & Rex 38753 Retrospect, One Enamel Mug

If getting a ‘World’s Best Photographer’ mug is too cliche for you, then take a look at this creative design instead. It comes with images of vintage cameras, has a stainless steel rim, and is coated with enamel for a longer life. A unique gift for any keen photographer!

3. Personalized Camera Strap by CutDesign

A camera strap is something every photographer can appreciate. But a personalized camera strap made from high-quality leather with the photographer’s name engraved on it is something they will appreciate much more. This is one of the best gifts you can get for any travel photographer.

4. Lina & Lily Vintage Camera Print Loop Infinity Scarf

One of the more fun ideas for a gift, if you have a female photographer in your life, is this scarf that has very nice images of vintage cameras printed on it. It comes in different colors so you can select your pick. The materials are soft and long-lasting, so it makes a very nice present.

5. The Photographer’s Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas

One of the top gifts for budding photographers is a book that they can use to improve their craft and learn various things about photography from. So gift them this awesome book and help them get better at what they love.

6. Photography Basics and Beyond – A Photography Course

This is another gift for amateur photographers who could use some knowledge about cameras and about photography composition. Coursera is a great resource for online courses and this one is offered by Michigan State University, adding to its credibility.

7. Datacolor SpyderX Pro

For professional photographers, it is very important to have the colors of their computer monitors properly calibrated so that what they see on the screen is close to what they’ll get when they print photos. The SpyderX Pro is one of the best solutions to calibration monitors, and will definitely be a great help for any serious photographer.

8. SHUTTERMOON Phone Camera Lens Kit

If you’re looking for a present for a phone photographer, then giving them this kit of five lenses is a great idea. These lenses will help them get much more flexibility when it comes to taking smartphone photos from different perspectives.

9. Smart Photo and Video Storage Device

The need for managing a large number of photos is very real among photographers, which is why this smart storage solution from Monument can make such an awesome gift for them. It comes with 1TB of external storage and supports automatic backup from various devices to make a photographer’s life easy.

10. Dedoot Retro Camera Decor

Vintage cameras made from resin to decorate a photographer’s desk? What’s not to like about that? This set of four vintage camera models looks great on any tabletop and will add a lot of unique flavor to any photographer’s work space.

11. Miniature Jewelry for Women

Another fun gift idea for female photographers is a piece of this photography inspired jewelry by Quan Jewelry. You can get a necklace, a bracelet, or earrings that look like mini cameras and we’re sure that it’ll be a hit.

12. Gzrlyf Camera Bracelet 

Another jewelry-based gift for photographers, this one is a bracelet made out of stainless steel. The design is adjustable in terms of size so that it fits different sized wrists. For a female photographer, you can’t really go wrong with this one.

13. TMANGO Camera Lens Coffee Mug

A coffee mug disguised as a large camera lens? Why not? This is one of the top gift ideas if you’re looking for something fun and casual. The mug itself is high quality and the lens design is very convincing indeed.

14. DJI Osmo Mobile 3

For iPhone photographers who also use their devices to shoot videos, a handheld gimbal can make a world of difference in terms of quality. The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is one of the best gimbals in its category and is sure to be highly appreciated by any phone photographer.

15. Capture the Moment

A book that teaches anything to improve how you look at everyday life and find beauty in it is a great gift for any new photographer. That is why Capture the Moment can be a very helpful present for any aspiring photographer in your life.

16. Photography Idea Cards

This is a cool gift idea for all kinds of photographers. It’s a deck of 72 cards that each have an idea or challenge based on photography. This is great especially for young photographers who can sometimes get confused about what kind of photos they can take.

17. Magnetic Poetry – The Photographer Kit

Over 200 words printed on magnetic tiles, all based on photography, can make quite a fun gift for photographers. The recipient can make different combinations and create their own quotes with these tiles, adding a personal touch to their workspace.

18 .Artful Organizer: Vintage Camera

For professional photographers who need to keep their desk looking clean, this organizer designed like a vintage camera is a very unique gift. It’ll help them store their pendrives, cables, and more in a visually pleasing way.

19. MRCUFF Camera Cufflinks

For the more expressive photographers in your life, this pair of cufflinks that look like cameras is a very fun gift. It comes with a nice box that is ready to be given as a gift with no further effort.

20. CRAPHY Softbox Lighting Kit

A lighting kit is a necessity for professional photographers who take photos in their own studios. This kit comes with softboxes and bulbs designed to help with portrait photography and will definitely help out the special photographer you have in mind.

21. Datacolor SpyderLensCal

For someone who has a lot of camera lenses and bodies, or someone who is very particular about accuracy, this camera and lens calibration tool will be really helpful. It’s compact and durable, and allows for focus calibration on various models. 

22. Photographer Clock

This is something that even non-photographers can appreciate. It’s a very nicely designed clock that will look good on any wall. It’s black and white color scheme makes it very adaptable to multiple spaces in the house.

23. VELAN 3D Lamp Camera

This is a really cool gift for photographers and non-photographers alike. It’s a 3D lamp that’s designed like a camera and can cycle between 7 different colors. Perfect for an ambient working or night light.

24. Neewer Cube Soft Box Kit

Any photographer who shoots portrait or product photos knows the value of a good softbox. That’s where this gift idea comes into play. It comes with four colored backdrops to allow for greater flexibility of use.

25. 325 Sterling Silver Jewelry

This silver pendant necklace with a miniature camera is bound to be loved by whomever you gift it to. Made from premium materials, it will last a very long time and will keep reminding them of your love.

26. Vintage Camera Mousepad

This is a high-quality mouse pad with a montage of vintage camera models. It’s a very good gift idea for any photographer, as photography today relies a lot on the use of a computer for post-processing.

27. 3M Pop-Up Note Dispenser

Post-it notes come in handy for professional photographers who are working on various projects at the same time. This note dispenser looks like a Polaroid camera and hence makes for a unique gift item for any photographer.

28. Behind the Camera

No matter how experienced you get with photography, you can always learn more from the greats. This book compiles the techniques of 100 of the best photographers in the world and is a great source of inspiration and knowledge for aspiring photographers and professionals alike.

29. Statement Sockwear

High-quality socks are always a great present right? Well, if they’re printed with cameras and rolls of film, then they sure are for a photographer! Also, each pair that the company sells helps provide drinking water to a person in Africa, so you’ll be helping out more than just your photographer friend with this one.

30. Etekcity Light Reflectors

These 5-in-1 light reflectors are great for any photographer who shoots portraits. The different colors provide different hues of light, providing creative flexibility while using them.

31. Luxsea Camera Printed Pillow Cover

This is a fun gift idea for anyone who loves photography. It’s a pillow cover designed like a Leica camera that’s perfect for use in multiple spaces.

32. Canvas Mini Wallet

Another gift item that can be used by anyone who likes cool designs, this one is a small bag that has a nice, retro-like image of a camera printed on the front.

33. Navy Peony Vintage Camera Stickers

This is a collection of 35 waterproof stickers all based on cameras. They can be used anywhere from laptops, phones, and even water bottles. This makes for a really good gift that adds a personalized touch to anything it’s used on.

34. Shutter Huggers

This is a strange, yet fun gift idea for photographers who take photos of young children. This ‘shutter hugger’ will basically ‘hug’ your camera lens and make it easier for children to focus while being photographed.

35. Vintage Cameras Journal

Whether it is to write down ideas, meeting schedules, or just their own thoughts, having a journal can be a big help for photographers of all kinds. So why not gift them a nice journal with vintage cameras printed on the front cover?

36. Blue Jeans Camera Strap

This is a very cool-looking jeans camera strap that is sure to make the life of photographers much easier while out in the field. The premium materials combined with the comfortable design make this a great gift for travel photographers.

37. Advancing Your Photography

For budding photographers, this book will provide an insight into tips and secrets from some master photographers of our world. They’re sure to learn a lot from this book so gift them a copy of this for their next birthday.

38. Flygo Mens Photo Vest

A nice travel vest is essential for travel photographers who go out into the wilderness to take their photos. This one from Flygo comes with various pockets, premium materials, and a breathable design to provide maximum comfort and flexibility.

39. Hartop Photography Accessories

A pack of a crystal ball, a crystal pyramid and a crystal triangular prism is something that many photographers will appreciate, especially those that excel in creative and abstract photography.

40. S-Zone Canvas Bag

A good, durable canvas bag for cameras is an essential accessory for any photographer who shoots outdoors. This design from S-Zone comes with a snap button closure, high quality canvas material, and room for various items.

41. Ramini Brands Camera Artwork

How about giving the gift of art to an artist? This set of four prints that show the technical side of cameras looks amazing and is one of the top gifts you can give to a photographer who values visual aesthetic in their personal spaces.

42. TeeStars Oh Snap! Hoodie

This one is a nice hoodie designed for women with ‘Oh Snap!’ written underneath the image of a camera. The durable and comfortable materials make this a good gift for keen photographers as well as non-photographers.

43. Shadow Box

This beautifully designed shadow box is great for all kinds of people who want to store something in it. It can be used to display photos, money, medals, and any collectibles you want. So whether for photographers or not, this is a great gift all around.

44. What The F Mug

This is a funny gift idea for photographers with a sense of humor. It plays on the idea of the F-Stop which makes it a sort of an inside joke for photographers.

45. Bigger Picture Cards

For street photographers, this deck of 50 cards provides both inspiration and challenges. They can use the cards to practice more than 400 challenges related to street photography. This is great for those iPhone photographers who want to take creative street photos for Instagram.

46. The Camera Sutra T-Shirt

Printed with 9 camera-centric poses, The Camera Sutra T-Shirt is a very funny gift idea for photographers. It’s made from comfortable materials and comes in different colors too. But the main kicker is definitely the funny design and idea behind it.

47. Wine Bottle Holder

This wine bottle holder is designed to look like a photographer taking a photo with the camera mounted on a tripod. Definitely one of the more creative and artistic gifts for professional photographers on this list.

48. Simuer Crystal Triangular Prism

A crystal prism can provide a lot of creative ideas when taking photos. This gift will give your photographer friend something they can use to warp perspectives in their photos and also introduce very interesting light effects.

49. Photographer’s Wristband Set

For young photographers who like wearing wristbands, this set of lens-inspired wristbands is a nice gift idea. They come with different zoom ranges written on them, letting everyone know that the person wearing them loves photography.

50. Photographic Lighting for Advanced Shooters

This is an advanced photography course offered by Udemy and can be a great gift for amateur photographers who are looking to get more serious about their work. It teaches them about advanced lighting setups to make their photos stand out.

51. Camera with Heart Car Decal

If your photographer friend loves personalizing their cars, then this decal will go great on their car. It’s a simple gift that will add a touch of personality to their vehicle.

52. BeeGeeTees Tote Bag

This one is great for young photographers who appreciate some humor. The ‘I shoot people’ tote bag is great for carrying everything from camera equipment to school items. 

53. Crystal Ball with Stand

This is another crystal ball and prism set for those photographers who like experimenting with lighting and perspective in their photos. It comes nicely packaged and is ready to gift right away.

54. ThxMadam Leather Scrapbook

For budding photographers, a scrapbook can provide a way to store their favorite pictures to later inspire them. This vintage leather scrapbook not only provides ample space for storing physical photos but also looks amazing.

55. S-Zone Water Resistant Bag

A water resistant and durable messenger bag that’s lightweight and looks good is a great accessory to have for any photographer. This design from S-Zone is a great choice to give out as a gift to any kind of photographer.

56. SignMission Photographer Street Sign

As far as personalized gifts for professional photographers go, this one is near the top of the list. It’s a customized sign that can be displayed in any workspace and can have the photographer’s name and the logo of their company if they have one.

57. Antique Camera Lens Keychain

Whether they need to sort their keys to the office or want to keep their pen drives safe and secure, this keychain that looks like a vintage lens is a great gift to give a photographer.

58. FUSTMW Camera Keychain

Another keychain that looks like a miniature DSLR camera, this option from FUSTMW will help your photographer friends keep their valuable keys safe and sorted.

59. GoPro HERO7

If you’re looking for the top gift for travel photographers, consider getting them a GoPro HERO7 action camera. It’s one of the best models available and will surely make a huge difference to their videography if they don’t already have an action camera.

60. Antique Camera Coaster Set

For photographers who like to decorate their homes and offices with camera-centric designs, this set of four coasters made from wood and engraved with sketchy images to cameras will make a great personalized gift.

61. Foto Inventos Lapel Pin

For aspiring photographers that are women, this lapel pin is designed as a symbol of empowerment to encourage them into embracing photography. Gift this to one of the female photographers in your life and help them start their photographic journey with confidence.

62. 1 Year Subscription to Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an amazing RAW editor that is used by professionals around the world. It can also get fairly expensive because of the subscription model. If you want to get something for a budding photographer, a one-year subscription to Adobe Lightroom to help them learn more about post processing will go a long way in their career.

63. Flash Diffuser Light Softbox

This collapsible and portable flash diffuser softbox is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who loves to shoot portraits in challenging light. The size is ideal for all kinds of flashes from different manufacturers, so get this as a gift for any photographer you have in mind.

64. Hide & Drink Leather Keychain

This leather keychain is made from a very premium and soft leather. Its handmade design is sure to appeal to anyone who loves cameras, whether they are a photographer or not. It’s small and lightweight, making it ideal for carrying keys and flash drives.

65. LED Photo Clip String Lights

Creating a picture wall at your home or at your studio is very easy with this product from Homecor. The battery operated fairy lights can be arranged in any way you like and you can create your own unique patterns with them. This is definitely one of those gifts that you can give to your non-photographer loved ones too.

66. Altura Photo Rain Cover

One of the things for travel photographers to worry about is the fear of rain while they’re taking photos outdoors. This rain cover is designed to protect their precious camera gear from rain, snow, or any other unexpected weather change. The materials are high-quality and durable, and are sure to protect your equipment from getting wet.

67. Insta360 Go

This is a tiny action camera for all those iPhone photographers who like to take action shots. It takes photos and videos and has various features like stabilization, the ability to shoot timelapses and hyperlapses, as well as shooting slow motion videos.

68. The Photographer’s Guide to Posing

This book is a perfect gift for those photographers who take a lot of portrait or lifestyle photos. It gives them tips and techniques to pose all kinds of models. This will help your photographer friends get better at their craft and produce images that are much more enticing and visually pleasing.

69. DJI Mavic Air 2

If you’re looking for a premium gift for a special photographer, the DJI Mavic Air 2 is one of the best ones you can pick. It’s a drone that has a very capable camera combined with various shooting modes to provide some stellar results. This is a product that will help a lot in taking excellent aerial photos and videos for some serious projects.

70. Endurax Camera Backpack

This is a very spacious backpack designed for travel photographers who need to take multiple lenses and other equipment like laptops with them on their trips. The compartments are padded and safe, and the materials used are waterproof to provide maximum durability and security.

71. JDJG Baseball Cap

You can never really go wrong with a nice baseball cap, right? This one comes with a nice design geared towards photographers and is also available in many different colors to suit different tastes.

72. GearTOP Touch Screen Thermal Gloves

For phone photographers, one of the worst things about the cold is that they have to wear gloves and can’t use their phones outdoors. Well, with these gloves they can easily operate their phones while wearing the gloves and keeping their hands warm at the same time!

73. Novelinks Photo Case

This storage case is great for any photographer who likes to take physical prints of their photos. It helps them organize the photos into 16 smaller clear boxes that then go into one larger case for easy storage.

74. Canon IVY Mobile Printer

Printing photos on the go is very easy with this Canon mini printer. You can print images at a size of 2”x3” with a peel-and-stick backing that lets you paste them anywhere you like. This is great for iPhone photographers who like to print out their memories frequently.

75. Digital Picture Frame

Why print one photo when you can have a small digital display that can ‘frame’ multiple photos that change with nice transition effects? With this digital frame your photographer friends can easily display their favorite pictures at their desks. You can also gift this item to someone who’s not a photographer but just likes looking at photos.

76. MCS Photo Cube

This transparent photo cube is a great way to display smaller pictures in various places at your home or office. It’s a very unique idea that looks great. Each cube gives you 6 usable sides in which you can display your favorite photos.

77. Movo Stabilizing Top Handle

The top handle and extension for the cold shoe by Movo is a great addition to any photographer’s kit, especially those who require a lot of accessories to be mounted on their cameras and need more space to do so.

78. iPhone Flash Drive 

If you’re looking for a gift for an iPhone photographer, this flash drive is great as it adds a lot of storage to their iPhones and they can also use it to offload their photos quickly in order to transfer them to their other devices. The flash drive can be used with multiple ports so it’s a great way to quickly transfer files between an iPhone and other devices like computers.

79. Moment Battery Case

The battery case for iPhones made by Moment will quickly become an essential item to carry for any iPhone photographer who wishes to keep their phone charged and protected while taking photos. This case adds a whopping 2525 mAh to your iPhone’s battery and keeps charging it while in use. No need to carry an extra power bank!

80. Moment Wide Angle Lens

For phone photographers, a wide angle lens can provide a whole new look. Gift them this excellent product from Moment and they will surely love you for it! It’s fairly wide angle at a focal length of 18mm and will change the way the recipient shoots photos with their phone.

81. Sony RX100 VII

If you want to go all out to help an aspiring photographer take better photos while they’re out and about, getting them perhaps the best compact camera will make a huge impact on their journey. The Sony RX100 VII is a premium compact camera that produces excellent images and is small and lightweight as well. It also makes a great gift for professional photographers who are looking for a smaller camera that they can travel around with rather than taking their heavy cameras with them everywhere.

82. Dell Ultra HD 4K Monitor

A color-accurate monitor is essential for professional photographers to make sure that the colors in their photos are just the way they want them to be. This monitor from Dell comes with 99% of the sRGB color gamut, ensuring highly accurate colors. Coupled with a 4K resolution, the images displayed will be crisp as well.

83. DJI Osmo Pocket

A handheld, portable gimbal with a built-in camera is something that will surely see a lot of use by phone photographers, since this one can also be attached to phones. It has a wide-angle camera that can take very detailed photos and shoot very good videos as well.

84. Lensbaby Sol 45

Lensbaby is a company known for making weird and fun lenses. The Sol 45 is yet another one of these that lets photographers take very interesting photos. It has a 45mm field of view and plays with selective focus to help create unique images.

85. GEEKOTO Tripod

This tripod can go from a very portable 19” to a whopping 77” in size, which makes it a dream for travel photographers. The aluminum construction makes it very durable as well. Definitely a great gift for any serious photographer looking to improve the quality of their photos or videos.

86. Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

For smaller cameras, the PIXI tripod from Manfrotto is a great choice. It has an easy setup system with a push button mechanism. It’s lightweight and very easy to use and travel around with. It’s a great solution for those photographers who don’t like carrying heavy DSLR cameras with them at all times and just want something that is small and easy to use.

87. LensPen Camera Cleaning Kit

Cleaning cameras and lenses is something every photographer needs to do from time to time which is why the LensPen cleaning kit makes for a very useful gift for photographers. The design of it makes it easy to use and store, without adding any bulk to a photographer’s camera bag. Using the actual product is also very easy because it’s just like a pen and holding it very natural.

88. BEEWAY Memory Card Case

Safety of memory cards with countless precious photos is something that is very important for professional photographers. The BEEWAY case is designed to store up to 12 memory cards in a very tough case that is fully protected from water and moisture as well as dust. Give this as a gift to any photographer and they will be very happy with it.

89. Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Skin

For young photographers who are just learning how to use Adobe Photoshop for editing, it can be difficult to remember all the hotkeys for various commands. This keyboard skin will help them remember which key does what, leading to better use of Photoshop over time. This will also help them learn much more intuitively about the shortcuts and it will become part of their muscle memory in no time.

90.Professtyle Sandbag Weight

Any photographer who shoots outdoors in windy conditions can make use of a nice sandbag weight to help keep their equipment weighed down. This helps their equipment stay steady and also in place. This design from Professtyle is very durable and promises no leaks, making it a long-lasting gift for any keen photographer.

91. Neewer Scaled Camera Table Dolly Slider

Gift this dolly slider to a photographer friend of yours who likes to take a lot of product shots. Having this slider will help them take smooth panning shots of products which will add a lot of extra aesthetic to their videos. This can be used with both smartphones and larger camera bodies.

92. The 100 Photographs That Changed the World

Sometimes photographers can use some inspiration and motivation to take more meaningful photos. For budding photographers that want to learn about how photography can have an impact on the world, this book is an excellent gift.

93. Camera Cookie Cutters

We’re back to the fun stuff with this gift. It’s a set of 3 cookie cutters that are shaped like different cameras. They not only cut your cookie dough in the outline of a camera but also stamp it with the details like lens outline etc. It’s just a fun gift to give a photographer who likes to bake as well.

94. CHOETECH Floating Waterproof Case

For phone photographers who like to be around water, this case will help them stop worrying about dropping their phone in the water and destroying it. The case helps secure phones and doesn’t allow them to sink either. You can even operate the phone while it’s in the case so it’s a great way to take photos underwater too.

95. iPhone Flash Drive

To offload photos from their iPhones, this flash drive is a great gift for iPhone photographers. It allows for encryption of files as well if they require it. It’ll be a nice addition to their gear as they won’t have to worry about running out of space on their phones while in the middle of the day.

96. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

An instant camera is always a nice gift for young photographers or those that enjoy taking casual photos and saving the memories in physical prints. The Instax line from Fujifilm has been very highly reputed for many years so this one will definitely be a fun gift for photographers.

97. Hyleton Digital Camera for Kids

This is a very nice gift for young children who are interested in taking photos. It’s a simple point and shoot camera with a cute design to appeal to very young kids. While the photos won’t be anything amazing, it’ll be a good starting point to get kids exposed to how photography works.

98. FRDM Midweight Convertible Gloves

Another pair of gloves that help photographers operate their phones while out and about, these ones adopt a convertible design so that the fingers can be exposed if needed. It’s just one of those things that photographers can never live without once they’ve had it, and it makes a cool and useful gift.

99. Nat Geo Subscription

Do you know a travel photographer who loves to see photography just as much as they like to do it themselves? Get them a subscription to the National Geographic magazines to help them access travel photos from around the world. The magazines are available in both printed and digital versions.

100. FHDCAM Trail Camera

This is a great gift for photographers who take photos of wildlife. It’s a motion activated camera with night vision and a wide angle lens. It’s waterproof as well so that you can leave it out for surveillance purposes. For wildlife photographers, this is definitely one of the best gifts you can get.

Fun Gifts for Amateur and Pro Photographers

And with that, we conclude our list of the best presents you can get for photographers. What you end up getting will depend largely on what the kind of photographer you’re getting it for. For travel photographers, the gift should be something that helps them protect their gear or use it more efficiently. For professional photographers, it can be something fun and light or it can be something very useful like an excellent display monitor. For amatuer photographers, you can get something that helps them in their pursuit of photography. And for young photographers, you should try to give them something that teaches them or motivates them to take more photos.

At the end of the way, whatever you get for a photographer will be very appreciated if it helps them in their craft in some way or just helps them personalize their own spaces with camera-centric products. We hope our list of unique and fun gift ideas helps you make your decision, whether it’s for a birthday or some other reason!