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Almost every user needs photo editing software for free these days. In our time there is a necessity to edit and improve different images and photos. Often from such pictures, there is a necessity to make beautiful images. Now everyone can edit photos, software in the graphics field has received great development. Developers release picture editing software both multifunctional and understandable for beginners and advanced users.

Photoshop is created for advanced purposes only. It is the best decision among the photo editing programs, but this excellent photo editor for PC is a paid app, and quite expensive. It is a professional picture editing software, and the average user has not a necessity to use the significant part of functions, except a professional designer. In addition to it, there are other graphics editors without charge which can satisfy the amateurs and semi-professionals needs.

The best free photo editors easily remove red eyes in the photo, change the picture size, change a picture to the old style, black and white, add text, make all sorts of effects, make collages easily. In this list, we will go over some of the best photo editing software for PC with free downloads that you can use:

Zoner Photo Studio Free 18

Zoner Photo Studio Free 18 has all the important modern features for sorting out the image archive, as well as a free download for own photo hosting. It has advanced tools for image editing: masks, filters, gradients, tools for highlighting, removing noise, adding frames, correcting perspective, working with HDR, as well as tools for capturing the screen, batch processing, creating a video slideshow.

When downloading, you can choose compression options or save the originals in the cloud. Regardless of the selected settings, the server space is not limited. Each user is allocated a simple address such as, which is easy to remember and easy to share.

Despite the fact that the editing capabilities are limited in comparison with the professional version of Zoner Photo Studio, the free program version is quite impressive. You can not only change the image resolution and canvas size but also add text, put one image on another, add some effects, perform color correction, sharpen images, work with shutter speed and white balance among much more. All in all, Zoner Photo Studio is one of the best free photo editing software you can try.

Microsoft Windows 10 Photos

Among the best free photo editing software for PC exists Microsoft Windows 10 Photos. This is an excellent free picture editing software that comes included with Windows 10 when you install it on your computer or buy a computer with it pre-installed. With Photos, you have the ability to make many basic adjustments to the exposure and color of your images. This free image editing software also lets you dive a little deeper by giving you control over highlights and shadows, as well as clarity of your images. On top of all this, what makes Photos stand out among free photo editors is its inclusion of attractive presets that you can use to change the look of images in a single click.

And if you thought that was all, Photos goes beyond being the best free photo editing software by also allows for some video editing. You can join clips, trim videos, add titles and effects, and even include background music to your video. And all of this in an app that comes free with Windows 10.


GIMP has to be one of the best photo editing software for PC whether you consider its free price tag or not. It’s a complete photo editor for PC that rivals Photoshop in terms of capabilities and features. Everything from basic image corrections like exposure control and white balance to advanced editing tools like Transform and Heal is present in GIMP. Before the 2.10 update, this was thought of as a very complicated program to use because of its interface. However, with this update, GIMP has finally revamped how it looks and operates, and it’s a very good change. With this free professional photo editing software, you can also edit RAW files which is something most free photo editors can’t handle.

GIMP also gives you access to various filters that can help edit photos in a very short amount of time. Overall, this is one of the best photo editing software for PC free to download that can easily go head to head with the giant that is Photoshop.


If you’re looking for the best photo editing for PC with a free download that can handle RAW files, then LightZone might be the perfect solution for you. This photography editing software wasn’t always free but recently it’s been made open source which means you can start using it right away and edit your RAW files without having to pay up for a premium photo editor for PC.

With LightZone, you can start editing your photos by choosing one of the many ‘Styles’. These are presets that combine different settings to give your photos a look that you can then build upon. Some of these Styles include Soft Skin Tones, Bright Scene, Midtones Sharpening, Crisp, and Soft Toning. Each of these has a distinct look that can be applied depending on the type of photo you’re editing. Other than these Styles, LightZone also offers various tools like Sharpen, Hue/Saturation, Noise Reductions, and Black and White to enable users to make changes to their images in whatever way they want. Many of these tools have different fine-tuning options hidden within them too. All of this combines to make LightZone into a very compelling free picture editing software.



For those looking for a simple to use free image editing software, Paint.Net offers a compelling solution. Over the years, the software has turned into a very capable image editor that rivals the best photo editing software for PC that is free to download. It all starts with a very good user interface. It doesn’t try to mimic Photoshop for its interface like many other free programs do and rather keeps things much simpler and more logical. It offers a number of tools that help with image enhancement, like Curves and Levels. You can work with various layer blending modes as well for a good amount of creative control. More advanced tools like the Clone Stamp are also available here, which make Paint.Net a force to be reckoned with in the space of free photography editing software.

What really puts Paint.Net right up there in the list of best free photo editing software is the fact that its capabilities can be enhanced by a lot, thanks to the wide selection of plugins that can be added to it. And with an active community of users, the list of plugins keeps growing and the program keeps improving.

Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is a free image editing software that has a lot going for it. It has a customizable interface that appeals to both beginners and experts. It has an online community where new users can learn about the program and ask others for help. It has a number of image editing tools that let you enhance your photos. And it also has graphic design capabilities to allow for the creation of collages, business cards, and more. Other than basic image editing tools like exposure controls, white balance, color correction, and saturation, Photo Pos Pro also gives you access to filters like Sharpness and Blur which can be used creatively to enhance images. Working with layers is also possible here so that users can make changes to their settings with ease during the editing process. So, if you’re looking for a picture editing software that does the basics right and provides some neat advanced tools as well without necessarily being the best photo editing software for PC that is free to download, then Photo Pos Pro is definitely worth a look.

PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is not the best free photo editing software you’ll ever use. What it is, however, is a great way to add filters and make basic adjustments to images in a quick and easy way. The Magic Color filter, especially, is really good at bringing out the colors in your photos without making them look artificial or over the top. There are also Light Leak effects that make photos look vintage in an instant. Some other interesting features the software offers are Cut Out with which you can remove the background from an object, Combine with which you can join multiple photos together, GIF Creator to make GIFs, Split that lets you cut a photo into smaller pieces, Photo Merge to allow for basic HDR creation, and Frames to let you spruce up your photos with fun borders.

While PhotoScape X might not be a free professional photo editing software that can take on the likes of Photoshop, it is a very fun editor to try out if you’re looking for some basic adjustments and a lot of creative control.


Pixlr definitely fits into the best photo editing software for PC list when talking about free photo editors. It’s a browser-based editor that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, provided you have an internet connection.

With Pixlr, you have a plethora of image editing tools at your disposal. All of these are presented to you in an interface akin to that of Photoshop’s. Various editing tools like exposure control, white balance, sharpness, blur, color correction, contrast, highlights, and shadows are available to use and they all work very well. Pixlr also boasts a customizable interface which is crucial to make any photography editing software great. You can work in layers and apply masks as well, which really takes Pixlr’s capabilities to the next level. Making curves and levels adjustments is very easy as well, thanks to the keyboard shortcuts assigned to these settings. If you’re looking for quick edits, the program also offers filters that are fun to use.

Overall, Pixlr is a very capable and yet easy to use free image editing software that is great for all but the most demanding of users.


Another one for those of you who want to edit RAW files for free, RawTherapee is a great piece of software that lets you edit your RAW photos non-destructively. Photo editing software that’s free usually doesn’t have all the features that RawTherapee brings to the table and that is why it is one of the best photo editing software for PC when we consider free picture editing software.

RawTherapee can be considered as a direct Lightroom alternative, only without the image management capabilities of the latter. Changing the exposure, adjusting the white balance, tweaking the colors, pulling back the highlights and pushing the shadows is very easy to achieve with this program. You can use RawTherapee in tandem with GIMP by default if you want to make some more creative changes to your exported RAW files. You can use software other than GIMP for this purpose as well but the fact that RawTherapee provides a quick way to export your images to an external image editor is very handy.



The list of photo editing software that’s free to use isn’t complete without DarkTable. This is among the best photo editing software for PC because it lets users edit RAW files without the need for buying Lightroom. DarkTable has a lot of tools that are each designed to edit RAW files however a user may want to. Its interface, due to this huge collection of tools, is a little cluttered for new users but if you spend some time with it to get used to it, it’s well worth it.

When compared to Lightroom – arguably the best photo editor for PC when it comes to RAW editing – DarkTable offers many of the same features. It also produces very similar results when using the same settings on both programs, which is a testament to its amazing capabilities. The only caveat to using DarkTable instead of Lightroom is that it takes more time to make similar edits in DarkTable due to the less streamlined design. But when you consider that it is a free picture editing software and Lightroom is really not, this kind of compromise is easier to make.


InPixio is a free photo editor for PC that wants to be the best photo editing software for those looking for an all-in-one editing suite. It comes with three distinct parts – The Photo Eraser, The Photo Cutter, and The Photo Editor. With the Eraser, users can remove different objects from their photos to make them look cleaner or to bring more focus to the main subject. The Cutter allows you to simply remove the background from your photos, which can be great for some design work or if you want your photos to be printed on a plain white background.

The Photo Editor is where you can edit your photos in various ways. From simple adjustments to brightness, contrast, and saturation to applying vintage effects, there’s a lot of fun you can have in the Editor part of the suite. However, to gain access to the Editor, you have to get the Pro Version of the program which doesn’t fit well in our theme of free photo editors. Regardless, the free version of the program still offers useful features that you can use for object or background removal – things that do come in handy from time to time.



Inkscape is an open-source, free picture editing software that is more inclined towards graphic design work than photography. It comes packed with a variety of tools that allow users to edit vector images, much like Adobe illustrator does. Tools like Shapes, Paths, Clines, Transformation, and Text makes Inkscape a very capable vector design program that you can use as a photo editor for PC in some cases as well. If you’re a graphic designer and are looking for an alternative to the expensive Illustrator, then trying out Inkscape is definitely something you should do as it can do pretty much all that Illustrator can do, but for free. It may not be the free professional photo editing software you were hoping for, but it’s still a very good software that deserves to be on the list of the best free photo editing software available today.

However, if you want much more control over your image editing in a complete photo editor for PC, there are many options to choose from that offer free trials as well as affordable price tags. One such program is Luminar. It’s dubbed by many as the best photo editing software for PC thanks to its plethora of editing tools and highly intuitive interface. It’s also much cheaper than Photoshop and has a one-time price. So, if you’re looking for the best photo editing software for PC, maybe give its free trial a shot and then see if you want to spend a little money to buy it for a lifetime.

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And with that, we conclude our list of the best photo free photo editing software that you can use for Windows or Mac. Free photo editors are usually thought of as mediocre when compared to paid options but that’s not always the case. Yes, paid editors have more features and often better support from the manufacturers but that does not mean that free photo editors don’t offer enough. As you can see from the list, there is a number of free professional photo editing software that can be used not only to apply filters and effects to photos but also to edit RAW files.

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