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Almost every user needs free photo editing software. In our time there is a necessity to edit and improve different images and photos. Often from such pictures, there is a necessity to make beautiful images. Now everyone can edit photos, software in the graphics field has received great development. Developers release programs both multifunctional and understandable for beginners and advanced users.


Photoshop is created for advanced purposes only. It is the best decision among the photo editing programs, but this excellent graphics editor is paid app, and quite expensive. It is a professional picture editing software, and the average user has not a necessity to use the significant part of functions, except a professional designer. In addition to it, there are other graphics editors without charge which can satisfy the amateurs and semi-professionals needs.


The best free photo editors easily remove red eyes in the photo, change the picture size, change a picture to the old style, black and white, add text, make all sorts of effects, make collages easily. One of the most powerful of photo editing softwares is Gimp, which also includes a variety of different effects. But in this article, we’ll tell about less bulky, but not less useful editors.


Zoner Photo Studio Free 18


It has all the important modern features for sorting out the image archive, as well as a free download for own photo hosting. It has advanced tools for image editing: masks, filters, gradients, tools for highlighting, removing noise, adding frames, correcting perspective, working with HDR, as well as tools for capturing the screen, batch processing, creating a video slideshow.


When downloading, you can choose compression options or save the originals in the cloud. Regardless of the selected settings, the server space is not limited. Each user is allocated a simple address such as, which is easy to remember and easy to share.


Despite the fact that the editing capabilities are limited in comparison with the professional version of Zoner Photo Studio, the free program version is quite impressive. You can not only change the image resolution and canvas size but also add text, put one image on another, add some effects, perform color correction, sharp, work with shutter speed and white balance.


Zoner Photo Studio Free can work as a simple tool for viewing images stored on a disk or any media, and as a cataloger. To create a picture database, you need to import them into the program from any folder, from a memory card, etc. Pictures stored in the database can be displayed as a calendar, folders or by keywords. There are a lot of viewing modes: the window is taken by one image, you can display multiple images side by side, as well as view images on the map marked with geotagging.


Sorting images is also be at one’s best: images can be sorted by name, rating, creation date or last modification. There are also a considerable number of extended criteria that involve all EXIF data. Also, the program can separately show RAW and JPEG images, preferring either the first or the second.


There is an information panel on which you can easily edit all the data about a photographer. It is possible to set a color label, add a rating, a title, a description, keywords, change EXIF information.


Zoner Photo Studio Free does not work with third-party cloud services but offers unlimited storage space for images on Zonerama’s picture hosting. After creating an account and a gallery, Zonerama appears in the navigation panel in: “Public albums” and “Hidden albums”. It is easy to guess that all the images sent to the first become public, and the pictures uploaded to the second folder can be viewed only by the owner. To upload pictures, just select them and move them to the desired album with the mouse.

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