Real Estate Photo Editors [Free + Pro]

Real Estate Photo Editing

Successful real estate operations begin with a presentation. All the clients get hooked on the house or apartment after they see a nice, contrast and clear picture of it. Some stats say that about 32% of real estate sells faster with professional photos.

In general, a house with only one photo attracts not only less attention but also stays waiting for about 70 days. Whereas, a house with 20 photos becomes a hot commodity, spends about 32 days before it gets purchased and even wins a higher price since the buyers know what they go for.

Skylum has already provided us with the best photo editing software for real estate. The company constantly releases updates to the editors to deal with poorly working tools and add new ones. 

If you’re not a professional photographer or don’t have enough money to hire one, op for real estate photography photo editing. You can do this through real estate photo editing apps. Enjoy our list of 3 best photo editors now!

1. Luminar

Luminar is a no-brainer, especially if you’re not savvy in real estate photo editing.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the program responds quickly to your commands and suggests auto corrections for the images. 

This software could be a plugin for Adobe and Apple editors:

  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements

However, it also stands as a full-stack photo editor since you can get amazing results from scratch without pairing it with other software.

The AI Sky Replacement tool deserves your special attention. Since we are talking about real estate photo manipulations, this tool can change the whole look and appeal of the photo without changing the actual look of the building. 

Even if the photo is taken when it’s foggy, rain or snow, you can always change this situation by replacing the sky. With the Sky Selection tool, you pick the perfect sky with puffy clouds. Being the real estate sky photo editing software, Luminar AI carefully adds all the effects to your photo.

The photo doesn’t look fake because of the Relight Scene tool that adapts the lighting of the house/apartment to the sky. Through the Horizon Blending and the Horizon Position tools, you can straighten the horizon line.

To make your pictures look a little more dramatic and ready-for-sale, you can go inside of Advanced Settings. There, you can find tools like “Close Gaps”, “Sky Local”, “Sky Defocus”, “Landscape Exposure” and “Landscape Contrast”.

AI Enhance boosts shadows and glows to make the photo look sharper. It creates a structure and can even make your 3D-renders look realistic. The tool makes accents in some areas to hint the client what to look at.

Among other real estate photo editing tips, we single out landscape enhancing. Don’t make it unnaturally green and use the Selective tool every time you see some grey spots. Use the Dehaze, the Golden Hour and a bit of the Foliage Enhancer tools to make your greenery look like it’s spring or summer outside. It would be best if you take your photos in the spring/summer as well.

How to Make a Real Estate Photo  Look Amazing:

The Before/After slider is convenient to compare the raw and the ready variants. You can see what else to add or what effect to remove. The Update 4.1.0 brought a bunch of tools like the Atmospheric Haze, the Erase Tool, the Adjustments Amount Slider, etc.

2. easyHDR

This photo editor was made for business needs. It’s aimed at delivering processed pictures for commercial use. The “true-tone” technology gets rid of overexposed areas or image artifacts.

The real estate photo editing software easyHDR is great because you can upload as many photos as you need at once. The program uses AI algorithms that make auto-corrections. Any users even stick with the auto-corrected versions to save time.

If you like to add some aerial photos of the house, use the automated Aerial Image Enhancement. This tool fights undesirable haze, adds contrast to the photo and doesn’t eat the quality of it.

You get stoked for easyHDR because of its ease of use. Every tool has only one slider that enables you to control the power of enhancement. This is what makes the program one of the best real estate photo editing software.

3. Irix HDR

Irix HDR provides you with the best photo editing for real estate because its area of expertise is HDR, the favorite tool of all real estate agents.

The HDR Smart Structure, the HDR Microstructure, the HDR Clarity and the HDR Denoise tools sharpen the image without the loss of quality. However, they also soften and smooth some details to prevent this fake look.

The LUT Mapping adds the “movie look” to your apartment images. This tool came with the last update and is mostly used when all the other enhancements are already done to make the photo ready for print. This effect is often seen in interior design books, real estate magazines, real estate websites and so on.

Another bonus of Irix HDR is that it was designed along with professional photographers who helped create useful filters for our needs. Architecture photos look especially great after the program’s processing because it works out the dynamic range.

Just like easyHDR, Irix HDR supports batch processing that allows you to upload and adjust as many files as you need simultaneously. 

Since Irix HDR belongs to the photo editing services for real estate photographers, it could be used as a plugin for Apple Photos, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. But, it does great as a standalone app as well.

Professional Real Estate Photography Software

Apart from photo editors that are cost-efficient and time-saving, there are also many other real estate photo editing services. Many of them are pretty expensive (starting from $1 per photo) and not always meet your expectations. So if you’re not happy with the result, you go for editors like Luminar AI and get the job finished there.

Real estate photo editing companies are good for people ready to spend considerable money on editing. But, if you’re on a budget or just don’t want to spend extra money on the things you can do yourself, give the digital real estate photography editing a try.