Professional Photo Editors With Advanced Tools for Windows

As a rule, the phrase “graphics editor” causes standard associations with photo editing apps such as Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator. They are powerful, advanced photo editing software for working with raster and vector graphics. The Google request “download Photoshop” is expected to be popular. But to purchase editing software Photoshop is justified for someone who is engaged in computer graphics professionally. Is it necessary to search for illegal versions and other graphics programs to draw (or rather to cut) the forum avatar or edit your photo slightly? For amateur users, it is not a necessity because it’s like to build a birdhouse with an architectural bureau.

With the proliferation of smartphones with good cameras in each users archive, there are hundreds of different photos. However, after reviewing your library on a computer, you can catch sight of not good enough shot, unsuccessful foreshortening, a blurry background or an unnecessary object. Those users who have long been engaged in photography, recommend using special programs for artistic processing of photographs.

Most often, professional image editing software is different from beginner software – they support modern digital cameras formats of digital, have more advanced photo editing tools for working with layers and allow you to connect external add-ins. Not all specialized tools have a simple interface, and sometimes to work with it, you need to spend the time to study the functionality. However, there are exceptions. So, let’s compare the app’s capabilities and find out which programs are available for editing photos at home, and which ones can be used professionally. – free photo editing program for simple raster graphics – quite useful basic photo editing program, is featuring simplicity and good speed. Do not confuse it with the Windows editor Paint; it’s an entirely different program. The word “simple” in the subtitle does not mean a small number of possibilities for editing images. It’s about the simplicity of its development in comparison. The popular photo editing software supports plug-ins, works with layers, image masks and has all the necessary functionality for basic image editing and for creating own avatars, icons, other pictures.


This program is very popular among beginners. It does not have professional Adobe Photoshop elements, but it has everything that you need for quickly editing photos, images. It is a solid average program on our list. For all its simplicity, the editor supports RAW-format and even allows you to connect plug-ins.

A nice PhotoScape feature is an integrated collage generator, with which you can quickly prepare for printing a frame consisting of several processed images.

Capture One Pro

Many specialists consider this program a direct competitor of Lightroom and Photoshop. It is a very powerful editor.You can work and edit a whole or a part of the image, change skin tones, supports multi-layer photos and the ability to recognize the RAW files of all modern cameras. All these photo editing features and a set of basic features such as effects application, color balance management and correction of the color profile – are provided by Capture One Pro.

The main image editing tool is the function of removing matrix dust and the presence of a special application for a quick works preview on a gadget running iOS.

The cost of the application starts from 279 euros, which limits the potential audience automatically. But the 30-day free photo editor trial-period does not cut off the functionality, and you have a month to decide the expediency of buying the program.


Probably the most powerful vector editor of our time, allowing not only to change images but also to create own projects. Most often, it is used in the architectural field, for buildings, interior items, and machine parts design. Photographers loved it for its “omnivorous” formats (including RAW) and a large number of built-in effects. The program is upgrading constantly and the latest version has a huge variety of capabilities such as:

  • magically transforms sketches into vector curves – there is no longer any need to scan drawings;
  • intuitive tools save your time;
  • easily solve problems with searching and schematizing fonts;
  • enhanced pen input support;
  • powerful photo editing tools;
  • optimized tablet mode.

The CorelDraw is a universal graphics editor for all occasions because the program has a number of different plug-ins.


Now Krita is referred to graphics editor due to its success in the field of free software and supports Windows, Linux, MacOS. It is the best free Photoshop alternative which is created for illustrators, artists and other users who are looking for a drawing program. It is capable of working with vector, raster graphics.

The real reviews of those who use this photo software are mostly positive, and sometimes enthusiastic; indeed, the free editor software looks thoughtful and functional. If you want to change Illustrator or Corel Draw, you should pay attention to it; there are different online lessons for beginners and advanced users.


The program from the Japanese developer which focused on creating images from scratch. With the application help, you can simulate the process of creating works by different tools – a pencil, oil brushes, a pen, a felt pen. You can set the brush properties. There is a separate mode for drawing the correct geometric shapes. A special program feature is the presence of a built-in recorder that allows you to record the whole work process to view it in the utility interface.

OpenCanvas editor designed for digital photos editing, it has a pretty good built-in filter set and supports a common PSD format.


A handy photo editor, which originated from the same online photo app. Its main advantage is a simple user interface with many great features. Pixlr is the best choice if you want to retouch an image in a few clicks, remove the “red eyes” effect or set a new focus point and you have not to travel through different menus. The program boasts more than two million combinations of special effects and photo filters.

Unfortunately, with all the advantages, the application has a drawback – the inability to recognize RAW objects automatically transfers the program to the category of amateur editors.


A mini copy of powerful Photoshop it is also free. The program will satisfy the requests of all novice photographers. Artweaver allows you to select layers, work with a gradient and apply various effects. With this application, you can eliminate defects in a certain part of the photo and do not edit the entire image.

Of course, the utility functions are limited. And it will not be enough for the industry professionals, at least because of the lack of support for RAW-format, but for beginners, the application will be quite suitable.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Beginners are unlikely to be able to distinguish advanced editing features of conventional Photoshop and the Adobe Lightroom version. Both programs perfectly cope with the professional photo editing function. Photoshop Lightroom use one engine to process RAW objects and have a similar interface design. The Lightroom features are visible in detail – viewing and editing photos without changing the original file, a simpler algorithm for interacting with layers and an integrated search for the image library. Perhaps Lightroom does not have several specific features, but when processing photos, it is definitely more convenient than the “big brother”.

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